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How to Start Every Day Fresh and with a New Perspective

By: JobGet
Oct 2, 2020 • 7 min read

How to Start Every Day Fresh and with a New Perspective

Everyone has those days where they feel like they’re just drudging along, trying to make it through. We either push ourselves to our limits or fall into unhealthy habits that create a cycle of burnout and unproductivity. Here are a few tips on starting the day fresh and with a new perspective, so that you’re ready to take on the workday. 

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Step 1: Journal 

This is often suggested in self-care regiments and for a good reason. Journaling can have a cathartic effect on the writer and allow stressors to disappear. Before the day ends, open up a notebook, laptop, phone notes, and write down everything that happened during the day that you are still thinking about. These can be good things that you want to remember or observe in the future to repeat it, or it can be things that bothered you and need to vent about. You do not want to start the next day carrying the weight of the day before. To start fresh a new, think foreword. 

Step 2: Unwind

People often overlook integrating aspects of relaxation into their routine. Unwinding can mean a lot of different things for different people. It could be watching a movie, going on social media, drinking chamomile tea, taking a bath, or listening to classical music. There are endless possibilities as long as they calm you down. This is another effective way to let go of the day’s stressors and prepare your body for rest. 

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Step 3: Get a Good Night Rest

Not sleeping well could be the number one reason people burn out and can’t make it through the day. Ensure that you are sleeping for a long enough time to feel rested in the morning and have a quality sleep. This is key to starting your day fresh and with a new perspective. If you are waking up throughout the night or not getting deep sleep, you may want to re-evaluate some aspects of your sleep set up. Is it your sleeping position? Is it your pillow, or the temperature in the room? You want to have an optimal sleep so that your body can recover, and you can mentally and physically be ready for the day. 

Step 4: Set Daily Goals

Once you have woken up and started your morning routine, look at yourself in the mirror and recite five things that you want to accomplish that day. These do not have to be large goals or even physical actions. They just need to be attainable. They can be related to work or your personal life as long as they give you a sense of purpose throughout the day and keep you motivated. These goals shouldn’t feel like chores; if they do, it defeats the purpose. Having daily goals allows each day to be new and interesting. 

Example: Clean out the freezer, help a stranger in need, text an old friend, drink 32oz of water, and compliment a co-worker. 

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Step 5: Exercise

Working out is not only good for you physically but also mentally. Pushing your body to its limits in the morning allows for the effects of endorphins to wear off throughout the day. Starting the day off with a good dose of serotonin and dopamine will reduce your stress and keep you happy. If you do some aerobics like running, you could experience a runners’ high, resulting in an exhilarating and euphoric morning. 

Step 6: Make a Healthy Breakfast

As the meal that has been advertised as the most important meal of the day, breakfast is definitely one you shouldn’t skip as a working person. You want to pick something full of protein, antioxidants, and other nutrients to effectively fuel your body. Skip the sugary delicacies like muffins, cereal, or waffles. By eating a healthy breakfast, you’ll have the energy throughout the day, and you’ll start the day knowing you did your body a great favor. 

Step 7: Meditation

Before you leave for work in the morning, do some quick meditation to clear your mind and acknowledge your body. This can help mindfulness and focus during the day. You are increasing your self-awareness and allowing your mind to start on a clean slate before entering the work environment. You can also do this during different times during the day. Especially during stressful scenarios or challenges as they present themselves. It’s like a system reset and allowing you to gain a new perspective. 

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Step 8: Commute Motivation and Education

If you have a long commute, you are probably familiar with podcasts. Listening to a podcast in the morning that has to do with success or something you would like to learn immediately starts your day in a productive way. TED does Daily Podcasts that cover just about everything you’d want to listen to and are a great option for listening to new ideas and viewpoints. 


Starting every day with a new perspective is all about the mind. If you are constantly influencing your thoughts with motivations, goals, and not holding on to anything from the day before, you are set out to have a fantastic day. Physical aspects like eating healthy, exercising, and getting a good nights’ rest sets your body up to function most effectively so that your mind has the space to take on the challenges of the day. 

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