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How To Save Money This Fall

By: Mariah Rogers
Sep 26, 2020 • 6 min read

How To Save Money This Fall

Summer has come and gone, leaving us with the crunch of leaves under our feet and the feeling of crisp air blowing through the trees. Fall is here, but it might not look the same as it usually does this time of year. With COVID-19 still present and the threat of flu season coming soon, these crisp months have a whole new feeling. Due to many businesses being closed and other unexpected outcomes of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are finding our bank accounts a little more dry than average. Here is how to save money this fall and adjust your lifestyle to fit the “new normal.”

save money

Buy in bulk

If you make frequent stops to the local supermarket, you know how costly these trips can be. So, in order to save money and allow you to spend less time re-stocking essential items, consider buying your favorites in bulk. Visiting wholesale stores such as Costco and BJ’s can help you find great deals on a large number of items. Investing in a big quantity of your favorites now will keep you from paying high prices at smaller retailers. As a bonus, you’ll spend less time making trips to the supermarket and enjoy more convenience as the weather gets colder and snow makes travel tricky.

Cut down on your commute

Commuting into work every day can be a costly routine. This is especially true if you are traveling a long distance by car and paying the ever-rising gas prices. So, consider carpooling with coworkers who you trust and spend time with daily. Or, consider renting your vehicle, investing in a battery-operated car, or purchase a used car that won’t cost you as much in the long run. Making these small changes can be very helpful when trying to save money.

save money

Invest in reusable household products

Investing in higher-priced reusable household products will save you money in the long run. Plus, it is a significant lifestyle change that will positively impact the environment. There are many options to choose from that you might not have yet considered! Look into these reusable options for everyday products:

Plan low-cost events

Weekends in the fall are perfect for hiking, biking, picnicking, and many more outdoor activities that won’t cost you a dime. Trade shopping trips for drives through the foliage. Exchange expensive dinners for cost-efficient picnics in the park. Here are more low-cost fall events you can try to stay active and keep occupied.

  • Travel to a mountain or trail for a day hike.
  • Go camping and pack a tent for your overnight stay!
  • Bonfire with close friends (social distancing style).
  • Volunteer for local causes that mean something to you.
  • Take an outdoor exercise class using online videos.

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Have a yard sale

Are you ready to de-clutter your home and gain some extra income at the same time? Fall is the perfect season to host a yard sale for local family and friends in your neighborhood. Plus, you can have the entire event outside so that social distancing guidelines can be followed! Consider selling these items to purge your items and collect some spending money.

  • Beach chairs, toys, carts, and more.
  • Furniture that is no longer in use.
  • Kitchen appliances that take up space.
  • Clothing that is no longer in use and is in clean/gently used condition.
  • Storage accessories for home use.
  • Jewelry, home decor, and other items.
  • Electronics, video games, consoles, and other collectibles.

Open a savings account

Putting your money into stocks, bonds, or a simple savings account is a great way to watch your funds grow. Not only is this easy and effortless, but you likely do not have to invest a large amount of money to reap the savings and interest benefits. This is a great way to achieve simple money growth!

Track your spending

Track your spending and create a budget plan for the fall/winter. Set goals for each month and don’t spend more than you have. Living beyond your means can lead you into debt, amongst other financial troubles. This is a great practice to get into, especially if you are saving up for something big!

save money

Purchase holiday gifts beforehand

Hot items usually don’t go on sale around the holiday season. So, consider purchasing your holiday presents for family and friends now! Do this while clearance items are still available, and discounts are still offered. You’ll have a wider selection of gifts to choose from, and you’ll avoid the last-minute stress of gift shopping. Save money and avoid the headache by pre-planning your present list now!

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