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How To Re-Brand Your LinkedIn Profile

By: Mariah Rogers
May 19, 2020 • 4 min read

It’s Time For a Profile Makeover

If you’re ready for a refresh on your LinkedIn profile, you’ve come to the right place. The popular career networking site, LinkedIn, offers its users a platform on which they can connect with colleagues, share meaningful life and career events, find jobs, and read exciting new research and news. This is a great way to network with possible employers, begin your job search, and professionally present yourself. Having a polished LinkedIn profile can help you stand out as a qualified applicant before you even step foot in the interview room. This blog serves as a continuation from our previous LinkedIn blog post, sharing more tips on how to put your best foot forward online. If you’re ready to re-brand your Linkedin profile, here’s how.

#1 Connect, Connect, Connect!

The key to expanding your presence on LinkedIn is so connect with as many users as possible. Every time you log on to the site, try to connect with at least 10 new people every time. Base your connections on the users that are recommended to you, colleagues, other workers in your area, or target employers. The choice is yours! Having more relationships will make the process of networking a lot easier and ensure that your posts get a substantial amount of views. Making connections can introduce the possibility of companies and employers reaching out to you based on your polished profile. Try to find people that you know directly, individuals that you work with, and friends of friends!

#2 Personalize

Have some fun! Creating a profile for yourself should be exciting, and the layout should accurately represent who you are as a person. Feel free to get creative with a backdrop, but keep it professional, of course! If you are interested in the restaurant industry, include a photo of dining tables neatly set. If your goal is to eventually work in a city, include a city skyline as your backdrop. Make sure to have a clear headshot photo of yourself to use as the profile picture, too. This will help connections be able to identify you! Include an exciting and unique bio in your profile as well. Instead of merely stating your current position and location, including your goals, jobs you are seeking, or a quote you find inspiring. Re-brand your LinkedIn profile so that connections get to know you on a more personal level.

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#3 Show Off Your Skills!

LinkedIn allows users to promote themselves by utilizing the skills feature on the site. On your personal profile, be sure to include a list of 3-5 skills you have mastered. This can be anything from teamwork, communication, to proficiency in particular software. These skills can then be endorsed by others, to show connections that others see you as an excellent worker.

#4 Brag About Yourself!

Your profile is a page that is all about you, so it is entirely okay to brag about yourself here! Including certifications, awards, conferences, training, or programs you have completed will signal to employers that you are a high achiever. This can also give connections more insight as to what your interests are, and what kind of work inspires you most.

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#5 Experience

Even if you do not have tons of experience, that is okay. It is all about how you talk about your past positions! LinkedIn offers an experience section where you can not only list your job title, but you can also talk about the roles you had while on the job. Feel free to get as specific as possible here and include examples from all aspects of your previous positions. For example, be sure to have insight on your customer service, management, leadership, and teamwork responsibilities.

Let us know how you plan to re-brand your LinkedIn profile before your next job search!

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