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How to Quit Your Part-Time Job

By: Rachael Humphries
Sep 27, 2021 • 3 min read

4 Steps to Quit Your Part-Time Job 

If you’ve made the decision that you’re 100% ready to quit your job, we’ve got your back. We add new jobs to our app every day, so you can always find something fresh.

Some jobs are easy to quit, you just turn in your notice, and it is accepted with no problems. But, if you’re working in a toxic work environment, it may not be that simple. We’ve put together this guide to help you stay strong and walk away from a manipulative manager or combat any guilt you may be feeling.

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1. Come Prepared

Have your resignation letter printed and signed with your last day clearly specified. If you aren’t able to print it, email your manager and if needed, copy the HR department on the email.

Here’s an example of a simple and effective resignation letter:
(Manager’s Name),
This email serves as my resignation from my role as (job title) at (company name). My last day will be (day/month/year).
(Your Name)

If you want to keep a good relationship with the manager or company, you can add a sentence thanking them for the opportunity.

2. Give a Brief Explanation 

Many companies will want to know why you’re leaving. It is important to know that you do not have to disclose this information. Sometimes it might feel good to vent and air all of your grievances when you quit, but we recommend against it. This is not the right time to let your manager know how much you hate them. You can let the company know why you’re leaving in person or over the phone- just be sure to keep it professional.

3. Trust Your Decision 

It is a big possibility that your manager or the HR department may try to convince you to stay. These tactics can range from guilt-tripping you to offering higher hourly pay. If the environment isn’t particularly toxic and you are willing to stay for the pay bump- go for it! But, if the environment is toxic, just say no. You don’t owe a toxic environment anything!

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4. Stay Calm

We know this is easier said than done in some situations. If you have a rough relationship with your manager, you can always go directly to the HR department or keep the communications on a need-to-speak basis.

It’s important to note that we always recommend finding a new job before quitting your current one if you’re able to stay in that environment and feel safe.

**If you’re facing discrimination or feel unsafe at your current job, you can file a complaint with OFCCP.

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