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How to Message Employers on JobGet

By: JobGet
Feb 14, 2020 • 3 min read

As a candidate using JobGet, it’s essential to practice what we call “tactical proactivity.” Sounds fancy, but we’ll show you what we mean. With JobGet, you can message employers as soon as you apply to their open position, rather than waiting for them to reach out to you. You should never be afraid to initiate a conversation or send a follow-up message after an interview, but you should do so strategically. Make sure that your messages are well-written and semi-formal. Start by expressing your interest in the position and introduce yourself! Message employers with content that is informative and unique to you. If you are having trouble deciding which jobs are right for you to apply for, check out our blog here to help you out.

Here are some examples of what you should and shouldn’t message employers on the JobGet app, and how to improve them.

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Strong Opening Messages:

Hi, my name is Nicole. I am 27 years old and looking for a part-time position. I have 5 years of customer service experience and feel like I could be a great fit for this position.”

Our notes: This message was quick, professional, and packed with useful information. This candidate gave her name, age, experience, and what she type of job she was looking for. She got right to the point. Overall, this is a solid opening message to an employer.

“Good Afternoon, my name is Taylor. If this position is still available, I would love to talk more. Below you’ll find my email and personal cell number. I hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks!”

Our notes: She capitalized Good Afternoon, which is correct when you’re using it as a salutation. So, she definitely gets bonus points for grammar! Also, she attached her personal contact info, which is helpful. Her positive tone is also encouraging and will come across as friendly to employers.

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Opening Messages That Need Improvement:

I was wondering if the job still available.”

Our notes: This is an example of a message that could use some tweaking. It could be improved by double-checking spelling and grammar as well as expanding on the interest for the position. You want to promote yourself as a candidate who has all of the qualifications for the job.

“I would love to set up a interview.”

Our notes: As well-meaning and polite as this message was, it doesn’t share enough about who you are or why you’d be a good fit for the job. The tone is right, but try including more background as to why you are interested in being a candidate. Also, make sure to proofread!

“What’s the pay?”

Our notes: Try to steer clear of jumping right to financial compensation questions in your opening message. Compensation for a job is a significant factor when considering applying for it, but you can touch on that after you have expressed your interest in joining the company. Introducing yourself first to get the conversation flowing would be a great improvement for this message to an employer.

Although the messaging feature with JobGet feels relaxed and informal, it’s still a hiring manager that you are talking to. This person that you are communicating with might be your next employer. You should take some time to craft a message that you are proud of. It doesn’t have to be a full paragraph with lots of detail, try to make it short and sweet while also being informative. You’ve got this! Write a message that will really help you sell yourself to employers.

Still not feeling confident with your introduction message? Let us know! We are here to help. 

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