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How To Manage Your Online Reputation

By: JobGet
Jun 3, 2020 • 4 min read

Manage Your Online Reputation – Before Recruiters Look You Up 

Let’s try this simple exercise, put your first name and last name in a search engine, and check the results. Is there any information about you? If yes, what did you find? The answer to this question is important because recruiters do the exact same thing you just did. As the global internet use continues to grow, recruiters now leverage this large repository of information that people put online by themselves to find out more about them. This is called your digital footprint. What does the information that pops up say about you from a professional point of view? The answer to this question can be the difference between whether you get a job or not. 

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First, recruiters can use this information to fact check the details you have provided on your resume and cover letter. More importantly, however, they look closely at what pops up when they Google your name to check your personality and reputation. This is why you must ensure that the information you have online reflect well on you. 

Run An Analysis On Your Online Reputation

This simple exercise you did earlier should reveal all you need to know about your online reputation. Check to see if everything that pops up aligns with your real person. Takedown any information that will look bad if a recruiter sees it. There are also online reputation checkers that scans your name across various online channels and checks what pops up. Some of these platforms have tools for automatically cleaning up unwanted information and metrics that show you areas to improve 

Create Online Content That is Consistent With Your Professional Image

The easiest way to take care of your online reputation is to have a good one in the first place. The internet never forgets. You should keep that in mind before making any post, writing an article, or commenting on social media. Hence, you should check everything you post and ensure that it is consistent with your character. 

Separating Your Professional Web Profiles From Personal Ones

Having a separation between your personal and professional profiles can be very beneficial. You should have a nickname or pseudonym that you use for your personal social media account. Your first and last name should only be used for professional purposes, since that is the name recruiters tend to look up. 

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Monitor and Control Public Information

Most online platforms allow you to control what the public can see about you. Facebook has an option that makes it possible to remove your profile from search engine indexes. A good way to control what pops up when people search for your name is to intentionally create favorable content. You can create an official Facebook page or any other type of profile with content that paints the exact picture of how you want employers to see you. 

Now that you know that recruiters check your online reputation, it is better to be one step ahead of them by checking your online reputation regularly. Be intentional about the information you put online and follow these tips to clean up your online space. While you’re at it, be sure to follow us on Twitter! For more helpful content, be sure to check out our blog. 


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