How To Manage Screen Time While Working Remotely

By: Mariah Rogers
May 13, 2020 • 2 min read

Are You a Screen-Fiend?

Home is typically the space where you can relax, take a beat, and chill. For many people, this means time for TV, gaming, and scrolling through social media. You are not alone if you have noticed an increase in your daily screen time. At the end of the day, do you experience headaches, back/neck pain, or eye strain? This could definitely be the result of too much screen time. The truth is, with the current climate of the online workforce, there is no escaping your computer. However, there are ways to manage screen time while working remotely to lead to better sleep and increased focus. Here is how!

Make Your Mornings Phone-Free

The minute your alarm goes off, it is natural to reach for your phone and check-in on texts, tweets, and emails you may have missed while sleeping. Since you are spending an increased amount of time on your laptop, try to limit your phone usage, especially in the morning. Instead of looking at your phone first thing when you wake up, take some time to enjoy a phone-free morning. Your work emails can wait until you begin your virtual day on the computer, whenever you are scheduled to start.

Meet Over the Phone

During this global pandemic, it is perfectly okay to tailor your work from home habits to what is most comfortable for you, as long as you are still productive. One way to reduce screen time and personalize your meeting routine is to hold conferences the old-fashioned way, over the phone! Sorry Zoom, we didn’t want to turn on our cameras anyway. Suggest a group phone call to your team for your upcoming meeting. Or, if you only need to meet individually with a coworker, offer to give them a ring. You might find that talking on the phone instead of sitting down over a Zoom voice call will feel more natural to you. Better yet, you can take your call outside as the weather gets nicer! Feel free to walk around, sit outside, tap speakerphone, and chat away. Incorporating variety and movement into your routine can lead to a healthier work life.

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Calm Your Eye Strain

If you find yourself ending your day with dry, strained eyes, we have a few tips for you. If you aren’t able to minimize your daily screen time, try to find solutions to make the hours spent in front of blue light a little more comfortable. Try downloading f.lux onto your laptop or tablet. This great software adjusts your screen brightness and color hue to match the time of day. F.lux will change the color tone of your screen for a brighter (less blue) light during the day and slowly transition to a warmer orange light as the sun fades. This can be very helpful when spending long hours on the computer. Another option is to purchase a pair of blue light glasses. These come in many different styles and colors, so you can protect your eyes and make a fashion statement at the same time. These handy glasses help to reflect the harmful blue light rays transmitted by your computer screen.

Log Your Hours

Chances are, you are probably spending a lot more time staring at a screen than you think. Time flies when you’re staring at your phone! Try tracking your technology usage and examine where you can cut back. This can help with being mindful of your screen time and making improvements to better manage your days in front of the computer. You might be surprised, spending 30 minutes on Instagram here and there can really add up!

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Don’t Eat in Front of a Screen

Guilty as charged. Many of us are familiar with eating in front of a TV or with our phones glued to our hands. You might not notice it, but this extra time in front of a screen might be what is pushing your tech use over the edge. Not only will this poor habit increase your screen time throughout the day, but it can also cause you to eat mindlessly, another unhealthy habit. Make an effort to talk to your family or roommates during meal times, and put your phone away. This is a great initiative to take if you are trying to bond with family and stay screen-free for a little while.

How are you making an effort to manage your screen time while in quarantine? Share your tips!

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