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How to Learn a Second Language, and Why!

By: Mariah Rogers
May 16, 2020 • 4 min read

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Why should I spend my free time learning a second language?

There are countless benefits to learning a second language that can benefit your personal and professional life. Being bilingual gives you the unique advantage of communicating with a broader and more diverse group of people so that you can enhance your customer service skills and make yourself more marketable. Speaking more than one language can help you adjust to a new workplace more quickly and form better relationships with coworkers who share the asset of being bilingual. Here is how and why you should learn a second language!

Market Yourself

Speaking a second language will automatically make you a more attractive candidate to almost any employer. This unique trait sets you apart from other applicants, giving you a better chance of landing the job. Unfortunately, being bilingual in America is less common than it should be. Employers love to see applicants who will be able to better assist customers of all backgrounds in making their store a better overall experience for those who speak different languages.

Building Connections

Language is essential for building relationships and forming lasting connections. If you join a company where other employees also speak different languages, this will help you build a strong relationship with these individuals in the workplace. Assisting customers who also speak varying languages can help you be recognized as an outstanding employee, as well as build connections with shoppers. Allowing those who speak different languages to have a comfortable and enjoyable shopping process will ensure your store becomes their regular stop.

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Tales of Travel

Employers will love to hear about your travel experience and passion for different cultures as a unique fact during an interview. Having the ability to speak more than one language can give you a better grasp of cultural experiences if you do get the opportunity to go on travels of your own. If not, having the ability to speak more than one language might help your chances of getting to work outside of the country! Being bilingual will make you a sought-after candidate for global companies looking to hire.

I see why learning a second language can benefit me in so many ways! Now, how can I get started?


Duolingo is a great language learning app that is available for free download on the app store! Take your language learning on the go by using your phone to master your skills. The app offers more than 30 different languages for study and allows you to set goals and reach benchmarks. Duolingo also gives lessons in small chunks, so you will not be too overwhelmed. This is a great way to be productive during quarantine!

Rosetta Stone

You’ve probably heard of this language lab system before, or maybe even used it in your early elementary school years! While this program offers fewer languages, the teaching techniques are more comprehensive and guarantee lasting results. One of the most exciting features Rosetta Stone offers is their pronunciation lessons. Speak into a microphone or headset that is attached to a computer and get valuable feedback on your pronunciation, making your speech as accurate and authentic as possible. This system does charge a small monthly fee for their services, but it is well worth it if you are eager to grasp a new language quickly!

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Babbel is another addition to the extensive list of online language learning software systems. This program can be used to learn upwards of 14 languages and reach your benchmark goals efficiently. Plus, you might see Babbel appear during your professional career. Babbel for Business is becoming a more frequently used system to help employees strengthen their language learning skills and techniques. This shows that employers really do see a benefit in having their workers be proficient in multiple languages!

Do you speak a second language? How has this helped to benefit you in your professional career? Let us know! 


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