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How to Improve a Job Description

By: JobGet
Jul 22, 2020 • 10 min read

Bring On The Applicants

Hiring suitable applicants starts with attracting the right people. Here, a compelling, engaging, and inclusive job description is the key. Developing the correct job description will bring talented candidates into your applicant pool. Your job description should include the necessary skills for the job and the culture of the organization. All these contents are crucial to how to play an open role in the market. Here are some tips that can improve any job description.
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Write an Appropriate Title

We know those weird job titles can be exciting and indicate a more casual culture. Yet, if there is no cultural frame of reference, using them in the job list may affect the effect of a job posting. Most people search for positions that match their skills and experience. So, using words like “ninja” or “rock star” in the job title can confuse job seekers and prevent them from applying. Creativity can help your position stand out.

Make Your Job Description Searchable

Using these types of whimsical positions may ease the mood in the workplace. Yet, job candidates may search using titles like “Marketing Director” or “Strategic Data Manager”. This means that your post will not appear in their search engine results page (SERP). You must find your company and open positions. To do this, jump out of your own company’s ideas and internal terminology. If you call them “client relationship managers,” and they are looking for a commonly used term, then you will miss these candidates. Your position should be attractive, and the role should be correct. If you use a “creative” title like “Web Design Wizard,” people will not find your job advertisement. This is because they will not use the title you chose when searching.

Focus the Responsibilities on Growth and Development

Don’t list a bunch of tedious daily tasks. Also, avoid listing a long list of responsibilities or qualifications with bullets. Checklists like this are difficult to absorb. The details usually don’t make much sense until people do the job. Instead, use five to seven bullets to describe essential work functions. You can also group 2 to 3 bullets into broader categories. Explore topics such as “technical skills”, “management skills”, or “communication”. You should also explain how the job will contribute to the business goals. Highlight the potential for promotions, too! Explain how the candidate’s achievements will contribute to the overall goal.
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Showcase Different Angles

Introduce the company’s performance in the larger industry. Focus on how technology can achieve this goal. Explore how the companies roles, skills, and knowledge can promote growth and development. Make sure that the job description is also exciting and fascinating. You can add similar content, such as “we expect the growth rate this year to exceed 20%”. Or, “become a member of the team that will increase the number of X by Y on a new account.” You want to attract goal- and action-oriented candidates. So, make sure your job description can reflect.

Write the Job Description Like a Person

A great job description is like a love letter, not a parting message. Do not tell them all about them, nor do you need to tell them who you want to hire them. Focus on attracting them and tell them how great you will be together. Suppose the person you are hiring is doing a job that they like now, and you have to make them interested in applying to your company. Check the tone and readability of the job title and description. Rewrite the descriptions to reflect how people talk. Then, listen to candidates during job interviews and write down the words they use to describe themselves and their work. Research the keywords that job seekers could use when searching for jobs and companies. Use these words in your content when posting jobs as well.

Company Culture

The job description is also an ideal place to show the feel of the organization’s work. Share some vital information about the company’s culture! What is the core mission, the type of people you want to add to the team, and the real day to day tasks and challenges? They must explain why they are the best candidates for the job. If your job posting is too dull or too formal, job candidates will question your company culture. They may think that if they decide to work for you (and get hired), this is a reflection of their future work experience. For example, in the eyes of candidates, a formal written job advertisement may indicate an unfriendly atmosphere. They may guess that employees must follow strict regulations and a series of restrictions. Selling a company does not end with an online job posting.


Having a strong network influence is equally important. Your job postings and website can reflect your company culture and mission. If you pass the first inspection with a short, compelling job posting, you must prepare for the candidate’s next move. Visit your websites and social media profiles. For many candidates, these can be major red flags. Candidates want to see a professional and polished website. This will help boost their trust in your company. Also, it will make them proud to be a potential employee. If you don’t invest resources to build a modern website or update social channels, candidates may think that you will not invest in their success.
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Be Realistic in the Job Description

The process of establishing a good job description is a combination of art and science. You want to inject some personality and communicate what makes your organization unique. But, you also need to follow certain conventions. To ensure an excellent job description, set realistic expectations. Research keywords and provide rich, detailed information. Try to communicate the company’s plans and emphasize how the company can help employees. Ask the candidate critical questions and pay close attention to their hesitations. Encourage the applicant to truly find what they are genuinely passionate about in your company. Follow these tips, and you will find yourself swimming in a pool of impressive candidates.
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