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How To Identify a Strong Team Leader

By: Mariah Rogers
Jun 18, 2020 • 4 min read

Identifying Strong Leaders For Your Teams

Collaboration and synergy are more critical than ever. Teams must learn to work together effectively as stores reopen, and establishments re-create their typical protocols and routines. Not to mention, many organizations are hiring new applicants to join them, which requires strong leadership and training at a time like this. As a manager, you can’t handle all of this on your own. It is wise to select a team leader who has been working for you for an extended period of time, and whom you have a good relationship with. This way, you will be able to allocate some of your own tasks to your team leader. Your other employees will also benefit from this, as they will see what skills and behaviors make a model employee. Here is how to identify a strong team leader that you can rely on. 

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When choosing a leader, it is best to select an employee who has multiple years of experience working for your establishment, and for you as a manager. This is because they will better understand store policies and your specific expectations as they lead the team. They are also more likely to have run into specific and unusual problems that have encountered over the years. Most importantly, employees who have been loyal to the company have likely gained the trust of other coworkers. This will make establishing a team lead a more natural and more exciting transition. 

Avoid Micro-Managers 

Avoid choosing a team leader who is a micro-manager and will induce stress and conflict within the team. Although the employees with strong personalities may be able to get the job done, it is wise to pick someone who is more well rounded and aware of individual team members for your leader. Ensure that the person you select will establish a positive relationship with other coworkers and that they will not abuse their power. Choose an employee who has demonstrated empathy, excellent time management skills, and a positive attitude in the workplace. 


When choosing a team leader, make sure that you can trust the person you are assigning the role to. They will have more responsibilities than your other employees, so it is vital to have confidence that they will be able to do an honest day’s work. This means that the employee you choose must demonstrate responsibility, honesty, accountability, and respect for others. 

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Be sure to select an employee who can handle constructive criticism and feedback. Since this is a promotional offer, your team leader is bound to face a learning curve and make mistakes as they take on this new role. Ensure that the team leader you choose can apply your feedback and improve their performance. 

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