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How to Handle Work Stress

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Oct 2, 2020 • 7 min read

How to Handle Work Stress

Work can be stressful and for many reasons. Maybe it’s the workplace atmosphere, tight deadlines, or a seemingly impossible task that makes work stressful. Facing stress at work can take a toll on your mental and physical health. These tips will help you reduce stress at work and overall increase your work performance as a result.

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Taking on Too Much

Everyone wants to impress and deliver the best possible product at work. Sometimes, that means you take every project you are given because you do not want to disappoint. This can lead to overloading the amount of work you have to do and making working high stress. Never take on more work than you can complete on time and with the same quality as previous work. You want to be performing your best at work, and if you are too stressed from all the other things you have to complete, you will be unable to do so.


Make sure that you have ample amount of time to complete your work. Sometimes deadlines have flexibility, and you can ask your boss or the client you are working with for a little extra time to perfect the work you are doing. Deadlines can be tricky, especially if you have to go through other people to get certain aspects of your work approved. Look at the process of the project and the timeline and think about if it is realistic. If your timeline is unrealistic, you may have to tell someone that it is impossible to complete by this deadline. Not having enough time to complete your tasks can cause massive stress. So, make sure you observe the time you have to complete and analyze it.

Ask for Help

If you happen to have taken on too much work or the deadlines are just too tight, and they couldn’t be changed, do not be afraid to ask for help. This is where good relationships with your co-workers come in handy. If you can ask someone if they have the time and are willing to help you out with a certain aspect of your work, this can take a lot of stress off your back. By dividing up the work you have to do to get it complete at the standard that you are expected, you are doing the company a favor.

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Use Breaks Effectively

Breaks are important to you both physically and mentally. If you are working straight through the day, non-stop without breaks, you will eventually burnout. Remember to take the time to give your brain a breather so that you aren’t constantly thinking about all of the things you have to do and when you have to complete them by. However, if the deadline is tight and you can take small breaks throughout the day, this might be a more effective and functional way to get your work done and not burn out. Use your breaks; however, you see fit so that you can avoid stress as much as possible.

Observe the Trends

In every work environment, there is a system or process that has to take place for the work to get done. Sometimes this means you have to go through someone else to get aspects of your work approved, or there is a step that has to be taken before you can move on. Observe how this process works and if it is slowing you and your team down. If it is taking too long for someone to do their part, it may need to be addressed.


You want to get your work finished and delivered on time and if there is someone or something in the way that is making it more stressful for you, bring it up to your team or superiors. As a result, you will find a solution and build a relationship with your supervisors. If nothing can be done, look at other ways to solve with the help of your co-workers.

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Keep Calm

Try not to unravel when things are down to the wire or aren’t going the way it needs to. Keeping a cool head and a nonchalant yet ambitious attitude can help you take on everything thrown at you. Do what you need to do to keep a level head and get the work done. As a result, you will be more focused and less distracted. You could take a walk around the office every two hours, you could drink some herbal tea, whatever you need to do to keep from completely losing your mind is key. Work should never be so stressful that you feel like you will explode, but sometimes it can certainly be difficult. Keep calm and carry on!

Create a Relaxing Work Environment

One way to reduce stress at work is by making sure your environment isn’t adding more stress. Ensure that where your desk is located, which people you are around, and floor traffic is all to your liking. If every fifteen minutes someone gets up to go to the restroom and has to pass your desk to get there, you may want to ask for a different cubicle. If this is unable to happen, make your personal workspace as relaxing as possible. Maybe listen to music, have an air diffuser, pictures of people you love; the goal is to be as stress-free as possible. Having a relaxing work environment can help you avoid the stress.

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There are a lot of factors in the workplace that can make it stressful. The key is to find ways to avoid stress. These tips will help you avoid new stress and take on new ways to conquer stress when it hits.

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