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How To Get Hired at a Target Near Me? – You Asked, We Answered.

By: Thelma Collado
Mar 3, 2021 • 6 min read

How To Get Hired at a Target Near Me? You Asked, We Answered. 

Have you been wondering about working for Target? Whether you’re an avid shopper of their brand or have simply heard good things about the company, this article will touch on several steps you can take to increase your chances of getting hired at a location near you!

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Understand Their Slogan

Expect more. Pay less. Target’s slogan is not just an example of good marketing, but it reflects the standards they have set for their employees and overall brand. Not only do they promise their customers that they are providing high-quality items for a lower price in comparison to other stores, but that they should expect more out of their shopping experience.

Anyone who wants to get hired by Target needs to be prepared to go above and beyond for the business and its customers. The company slogan is not just a marketing technique. It must be demonstrated by each and every employee.

Being dependable, helping out your fellow employees when they’re struggling with a task, and of course, providing great service to the customers are just a few attributes of a great Target employee. If you are actively working towards assisting people and representing an organization in a positive way, you will be the perfect fit!

Check Out The Target Website

Their website, Target Corporate, provides a wide variety of sources on a need-to-know basis for anyone who is currently working within Target or for anyone who plans to. The site provides information about their goals, purpose, and current news/features surrounding their company. You’ll also find their responsibilities as a corporation and recent press releases.

The section you should check out first is the “Careers” section. This section highlights two different career paths to explore, depending on your own skills, interests, and goals:

  • Corporate Careers: Job roles that occur within the company’s headquarters. Here, employees help the business succeed by making sure everything is working smoothly from the inside.
  • Store and Distribution Center Careers: Job roles that occur throughout the company’s various stores. Employees will be working one-on-one with the public and making sure that each individual store is succeeding.

No matter which one you choose, the website provides a job search section to connect with the perfect option for you. The moment you click any one of the results, you’re taken to a page that lists the requirements you need for the role and the skills expected of you to do the job. The website also has a FAQs page to clarify any confusion or questions that the applicant may have.

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…And Their LinkedIn Too

LinkedIn is a great way to build up your professional profile and give off a good first impression to any possible employers. Through Target’s LinkedIn, you will be able to connect with employees currently working there and update yourself on anything that is currently going on within their company! Through the use of this site, you will also be able to browse Target’s job postings, which informs you about several aspects of the job, such as:

  • Seniority Level
  • Employment Time
  • Required Skills
  • The location
  • What the job is about
  • Description of the job’s roles
  • The responsibilities of the job
  • What they look for in an employee

This will allow you to gain a more insightful perspective of what you should expect from the job you are applying for.

Apply Using The Online Portal

If you find it more convenient to apply online, you can do so through their website! Once you find an opening for a job that fits your needs, click “apply” and make sure you’ve allotted enough time to fill out your application. The time it will take you to complete your application varies between each person. However, you should be sure to give it 100% of your efforts!

You will either have to create a new account, enter with your pre-existing one, or sign in via your LinkedIn. If you are creating a new account, make sure to provide an appropriate email! This will help give you an immediate sense of professionalism when the recruiter reviewers your application materials.

The site will ask you to provide a resume and upload it either as a DOC, DOCX, HTML, PDF, or TXT file. If you haven’t updated your resume in a while, take some time to polish it up and perfect it! If you have not written a resume before, there are several resume builder apps online that provide a detailed template for you to follow! It can be difficult figuring out what to put in your resume, so some time to consider what skills, traits, and accomplishments you should put down.

After you’ve uploaded your resume, there are a few sections you will have to fill out:

  • General Information
  • Work Experience
  • Application Questions
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Review

Once you’ve filled everything and have sent it, you should receive a notification on your screen congratulating you and stating that they’re reviewing your application. Make sure to check under “My Applications” to check the status of your application. Ensuring that all documents are submitted correctly is essential!

While you can apply for many of the jobs listed on the website, this doesn’t mean you should. Only apply for the ones that you are truly interested in!  Don’t base your decisions on what will look best on an application later on or what is going to give you the most money. If you’re not going to be enjoying the job you’re working at, then it’s going to negatively affect your performance and happiness.

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Apply In-Person

When applying in-person, make sure that, above all, you are prepared and have done your research. This means checking out any job listings or openings in your area and dressing appropriately when the time comes to visit the store to apply.

Ensure that you’ve filled out a sample job application since you may be asked to fill in a job application when you get there. Bring along your resume and any relevant information that your employers will need to know.

Some employers may decide to interview you on the spot, so make sure that you are prepared beforehand in case they catch you off-guard!

Ace The Interview

Doing great on an interview is an essential part of the process of getting hired! Target’s website states that they rely on behavior-based interviewing for most of their job roles; since a large portion of working for a retail industry relies on how well you react to and handle all sorts of situations, it is no surprise that this would be their main focus.

Target has also provided a helpful guide for anyone preparing to attend an interview, providing some solid advice from several Target recruiters.

Make sure to do your research in advance; this applies to building up your resume with keywords that align with your role’s desired skills and qualifications, as well as updating yourself with relevant news on Target, the goals that the company wishes to accomplish, and what the job is expecting and asking of you.

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Provide a Personal Anecdote

During an interview, you will most likely be asked to talk about a certain moment where you either succeeded, failed, or surpassed a difficult task. This question catches many candidates off guard, and it can be tough to think one up on the spot. Keep in mind that nobody knows your experience better than you do! Be confident and utilize answers you practiced beforehand.

When considering your personal and professional history, keep these tips in mind:

  • Does it relate to the responsibilities presented in the job description?
  • Is it something that you felt passionate about?
  • Is it a compelling story?

Brainstorming your accomplishments prior to the interview is a great way to prepare. Don’t just consider the major accomplishments either! Smaller wins are just as important.

Identify What They’re Looking For

Retail stores like Target have a main focus in mind that they want to see from their employees: sales and great service!

When you present yourself to your employer during the interviewer, make sure to highlight your ability to accomplish these goals. Demonstrate your talents through your soft skills, hard skills, accomplishments, or previous experiences. You need to be able to advertise yourself during the interview. This will help show them that you will do the same for their products!

Make sure to show off your people skills as well. One of the most important parts of working at Target is your ability to interact with others. This will range from defusing an intense situation, meeting the customer’s needs, and effectively persuading them to continue shopping through excellent service and a positive attitude.

Focus on Teamwork & Efficiency

Teamwork is a trait that is highly valued within Target. You should be able to work well alongside your other employees. This doesn’t necessarily mean that personalities won’t crash from time to time. You must be willing to put differences aside to work together and help the store prosper. When one employee isn’t able to keep up with the pace, you should pick up the slack. However, don’t try to do everything for everyone. That is a surefire way of exhausting yourself which can lead to burnout.

Efficiency is another trait that is important within retail. Efficient employees are employees that are productive and that can make the most out of the resources available to them.  You need to find a healthy balance where you can accomplish your goals without exhausting yourself.

Challenge Yourself!

The same methods that may work for one person may not work for another. Find out what works for you, and keep trying. Everyone’s job-search journey will be unique!

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