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How to Get Ahead on Weekends

By: Mariah Rogers
May 23, 2020 • 3 min read

Weekends > Workdays

Right now, it may seem as though weekends are non-existent, and that the days are blending together. While it is essential to rest and recharge on the weekends, using this time to be productive can help reduce stress and make time for things you love during the week. This method of making time to go after your goals can be used when we transition back into everyday life so that your days feel more balanced. This is very useful if you are someone who enjoys being outside after work, especially as the weather gets nicer. Here is your guide to bring balance to your days and get ahead on the weekends.

Get Up Early

This can sound like a dealbreaker, especially if you’re someone who enjoys sleeping in on the weekends. However, getting up just an hour earlier than you usually would on a Saturday or Sunday can lengthen your days and help provide you with time to get everything done. Use this extra hour in the morning to plan, reflect, complete unfinished work from the previous week, build a schedule, or simply respond to a few emails. Wash and dry your work clothes and cash any checks/handle your finances. Your Monday morning self will thank you.

Make a Plan

It is best to have designated time carved out to focus on a few work-related tasks before enjoying your weekend off the clock. Even if this just consists of preparation for the week ahead, it helps! Schedule no more than an hour or two of work-related projects to complete on the weekends, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Most importantly, plan it out! Make a to-do list or checklist style plan and communicate with others when you are working. Making a plan will help you stay on track and feel accomplished once completing your tasks for the day.

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Friday Focus

Instead of overloading yourself with projects and checklists on your days off, try focusing on getting ahead on Friday afternoons. This is a great technique to finish the week strong and enter the new week with a new perspective. If any easy and quick weekend tasks are looming over your head, try completing them on Fridays. This can mean stopping at the bank, grocery store, doing laundry, or making a dent in your email inbox. You’ll enter the weekend feeling much more prepared!

Promise Yourself Week-Time Fun

If you’re all work and no play during the regular workweek, challenge yourself to bring more balance into your life. Avoiding taking breaks during the week can lead to burn out and result in weekends spent only trying to recuperate from the week, instead of enjoying activities that you love. Make it a goal for yourself to incorporate a stress-relieving activity mid-week. Try taking a walk or catching up with a friend every Wednesday and work up from there! Ideally, you should try to incorporate a fun activity just for you every day of the week.

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Savor Sunday Nights

When making your weekend task plan, leave Sunday nights free on your calendar. Start your week on the right note and making time for self-care or leisure activities to recharge your mind and body for the week ahead. You can even check out these TED talks to boost motivation and get you ready for the week ahead. If you do not work a 9-5, avoid doing tasks the night of your day off before you go back to work. This can make heading back to your job a lot less overwhelming and give you something to look forward to!

How do you get ahead on weekends? Let us know!