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How To Deal With Career Setbacks

By: JobGet
Jul 13, 2020 • 3 min read

Dealing With Career Setbacks

Professional setbacks are definitely one of the hardest failures in life. It may be unemployment, rejection, salary decrease, or there may be a lack of job opportunities. This is a devastating challenge for many people and can lead to career setbacks. If you are one of the people who suffer from professional setbacks, or you know that someone who challenging to move on due to a career failure, then keep reading. 

career setbacks


Since you tried your best for your career and ended up in failure, give yourself some space to slowly accept the setback. Take a moment to breathe, and spend more time on things that make you happy, such as being with family and friends. It will help you cope with the current dilemma. It may not immediately eliminate all the pain and worries, but at least it can help you calmly deal with disappointment.


Making the same mistake two or more times is not a mistake but a choice. It is time to face reality and reassess what went wrong. Why do you encounter setbacks in your career? What is the reason behind failure? Assessing and determining the cause will help you avoid making the same mistakes and failures again.

Be Optimistic

Change your thinking and tone of self-talk! If all of your thoughts are negative, this will impact your life and contribute to disappointment. However, if we think positively, it will make us feel happy and satisfied. Frustration and failure are part of life, and you must learn from them. Favorably viewing life will also help you move forward and continue the hunt for your dream job. 

career setbacks

Plan and Set Goals

Continue to adjust your plans and goals based on your own experience (success and failure) and move on. In fact, even if we put in 100% effort, setbacks and failures will occur. A successful career is not easy to achieve; it requires a lot of patience, courage, and determination to win and obtain the job you want. Don’t let setbacks and failures determine your life. Instead, learn from them and find a positive side, which will help inspire your career. Set short term and long term goals and challenge yourself to achieve them! 


Sometimes you may know that you are working hard, but in the end, you still fail. Change your plans and old habits. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments, take other steps, and then try something new. Examine old habits and make a plan to practice better ones. Change the way you communicate and execute work, and see if there is a difference in your overall success. Try new routines and see what works best for you! 

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