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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work!

By: Mariah Rogers
Feb 10, 2021 • 6 min read

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work – Your Guide to Getting Festive!

It’s the season of love! Even if you don’t have someone special to spend Valentine’s Day with this year, there is no reason you can’t celebrate in the workplace. Spreading a little extra appreciation, gratitude, and cheer can help boost team morale and make this next week at work a bit more fun. Re-define what this holiday means to you and how you will celebrate with your colleagues! Here is a guide to help you navigate the season of chocolate, cards, and a whole lotta love.

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Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

As it turns out, the true meaning and origin of Valentine’s Day is still up for discussion! According to the New York Times, the most common belief is that this special holiday originated as a Roman Bacchanal where men and women paired off. (We are not suggesting you run off with one of your coworkers here!) The holiday then morphed into a celebration of honoring St. Valentine as the Roman Empire became less pagan and more predominantly Christian.

Others believe that this holiday symbolizes an opportunity to celebrate the start of spring! If you’re based in New England like us, however, you know spring is still several cold weeks away. Still, a chance to celebrate now that the winter holidays are over is always welcome!

No matter how Valentine’s Day truly started, we now recognize the holiday as a day to buy flowers, boxed chocolate, cheesy cards, and a fancy dinner. If you’re looking to strike Cupid’s arrow into your workplace and get the celebration started, we’ll show you how!

Decorate Your Workspace

Decorating your office with lights, garland, and holiday cheer always brings excitement to the workplace during the winter months. So, why not get festive with decorations for Valentine’s Day, too? Common colors you can use for decor are pink, red, and white. You can purchase fun decorative pieces for a low cost at stores like the Dollar Tree or your local supermarket!

You can also make festive decor yourself with crafting paper and other supplies. This might be a fun way to spend an afternoon with your coworkers during the month of February! Organizing an office decor party in the workplace is a fantastic way to get everyone involved in making your space beautiful. Plus, you will be encouraging colleagues to get creative, which is never a bad thing!

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Valentine’s Day Card Exchange

Remember back in elementary school when your class would participate in a Valentine’s Day card exchange? Students would purchase large boxes of 25+ themed cards and address them to every classmate in homeroom. Why not re-create this festive feeling in the workplace? Even though elementary school has come and gone, everyone enjoys receiving a card specially made for them! It’s a great way to show coworkers appreciation and host a fun activity.

Have your coworkers make cards for everyone on the team. You can even provide materials if you’d like to make them in the workplace! Or, you can send virtual cards if your team is working remotely. This is still a fun way to bond and celebrate with team members who are not collaborating in-person. You can explore this website to send virtual cards to your whole team!

Emphasize a Theme on Coworker Appreciation

Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a sensitive time of year for those who are celebrating alone or missing someone they love. Be mindful of this when putting together your workplace Valentine’s Day celebration, especially this year! COVID has kept many loved ones apart, so you never know what someone might be going through, even during smaller holidays. Instead of focusing on a traditional Valentine’s Day theme, try to place emphasis on coworker appreciation instead!

Showing appreciation for others is always in-season. Try to push this message as you plan your February celebration in the workplace.

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Allow Employees to Leave Early For The Day

Wondering how you can show appreciation for employees as a manager? Allow your employees to either go home or sign off early on Valentine’s Day! Promote an afternoon of self-care and relaxation. This will be a wonderful surprise for anyone who is feeling the pressure of preparing for a special celebration with family later on in the day, or others who might just need some extra time to re-charge. Try to encourage employees to take the entire afternoon and evening off of work, so they can come in the next morning feeling refreshed and productive!

Ways to practice self-care and promote wellness in your workplace:

  • Take a walk! Going outside for some fresh air is a great way to detach from work and spend time away from your computer screen.
  • Enjoy a home-cooked meal. Nourish your body!
  • Take a break from work and spend the afternoon off of your phone.
  • Clean and organize your home. Sometimes, this can give you mental clarity!
  • Treat yourself to a relaxing night in. Take a bath and eat your favorite sweet treat!
  • Spend time surrounded by people you love. Call up your friends and family!

Send Cards To St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Showing appreciation and sending love doesn’t have to stay within your workplace. As a team, you can get together and create Valentine’s Day cards for patients at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Creating a card is easy and fun! The sender gets to choose from a variety of layouts inspired by art created by patients at St. Jude. Then, you can add a custom message inside the card and sign it with your name at the end. This is a fantastic way to send a little extra love to a sick child undergoing cancer treatment. Sending a virtual card is a fun, COVID-free way to spread some cheer!

Send a virtual card to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital here 

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Host a Pajama Day!

Hosting a fun pajama-themed day can be done both in-person and virtually! Who wouldn’t want to stay in their Pj’s all day? (If you’ve been working at home since March, maybe you want to dress up for the day!) This can boost morale in the office and make Zoom calls more interesting for the day. Fun theme days arent just for younger kids! Colleagues in the workplace can enjoy a festive day while being comfortable.

Decorate Baked Goods

Valentine’s Day is all about the sweets! If you are working in-person, consider bringing plain sugar cookies into work for colleagues to decorate. Or, you can have everyone bring in goodie bags with their favorite chocolates and other sugary treats.

If you are virtual, consider having a remote bake-off! Invite colleagues to bring their laptops into their home kitchens and get cooking! Or, you can encourage team members to decorate cookies or cupcakes and send photos after their masterpieces are done.

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Celebrate Your Coworker’s Family & Friends

How well do you know your coworkers? Take this opportunity to learn about people who are important in your colleague’s lives! Family and friends are an important part of who we are. Valentine’s Day celebrates love and appreciation for those close to us. So, encourage your colleagues to celebrate their family and friends!

Have your team create a fun board that displays photos and fun facts of family and friends. This is a creative way to encourage coworkers to be proud of their backgrounds and share a little bit about their loved ones! Getting to know your colleagues better will help promote collaboration, creativity, and trust within the workplace.

Host a Group Painting Activity

This is another fun and exciting activity that can be done with your team both in-person and virtually. If you have extra funds you can allocate to a group activity, this is the perfect opportunity to do so! There are many painting workshops out there that offer virtual paint nights for companies, schools, family parties, and more.

Everyone is provided with paint, brushed, and a canvas so all materials will be supplied. Then, the instructor walks the group through directions to paint a beautiful picture of the team’s choice. This is a great way to challenge those who might not have the best artistic abilities! It will be a great way for the group to bond and everyone can enjoy a piece of artwork they created themselves at the end.

Celebrate With Your Whole Heart!

Take this opportunity to celebrate the good in your personal life too! You can encourage your family, friends, and coworkers to do the same. This has been a tough year. Show gratitude for things in your life that are continuing as planned! Give yourself a little extra love and appreciation for navigating all the challenges that have come up. You’ve endured a lot, and it hasn’t been easy! Treat yourself to take out from your favorite local restaurant, put on your favorite chick-flick, and spend the day celebrating yourself.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in the workplace? Comment down below and let us know! We would love to hear from you.

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