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How To Begin Your Bullet Journal

By: Mariah Rogers
Jun 26, 2020 • 3 min read

Begin Your Journaling Journey

By now, you’ve probably heard of the bullet journal as a way to track tasks, write down thoughts, and remember important dates. While it may seem like bullet journaling is just the latest social media trend, it can actually be a handy tool to enhance your productivity. If you’ve ever tried to start journaling but found it hard to continue, this method could be the perfect one for you! Journaling can be a great way to organize your thoughts and add structure to your daily routine. It’s also an excellent new hobby for you to learn during quarantine! This can also be a great piece of memorabilia for you to look back on years down the road, especially during this time in quarantine, where you can document your experience through the pandemic. If you’re looking for a way to get organized and let your creativity shine, here is your guide on how to begin your bullet journal.

The Perfect Platform

First, you must find a small book to begin your bullet journal. Feel free to personalize this however you see fit. If a simple notebook has been unsuccessful for you in the past, try loose pages, a notepad, or sticky notes to begin your bullet journal on. As long as you can keep the pages as a collection, you’re all set! Check out these beautiful journals here and see what best fits your style. Your bullet journal should be a place that is unique and personalized to suit your needs, so use whatever feels most natural to you. This should be a fun activity! Play with colors, styles, and ideas for how you can decorate and design your bullet journal to reflect your personal style. Having a journal you feel excited about, will make you more likely to continue your bullet journal journey.

red and purple coloring pencils on pink journal

How to Begin

Bullet journaling is exactly what it sounds like, bullet-point lists to track and document your days. This platform can take the pressure out of regular journaling, such as omitting full sentences and proper punctuation. Feel free to abbreviate and shorten your sentences; however you see fit! Use your bullet journal as a tool to guide your personal and professional life. Explore using your journal for a to-do list, ongoing reminders, or documenting how you are feeling during times of uncertainty. This can also be a great stress management technique to take care of yourself during this uncertain climate. Check out these nifty examples for inspiration on Buzzfeed!

Find a Theme

Of course, finding a theme is just an extra step you can take to personalize your bullet journal. Making a bullet journal that is colorful, organized, and coordinated will help you to stay orderly and consistent. Explore themes such as colors, patterns, designs, or anything you find inspiring. Feel free to use stickers, colored pens, photos, and anything else that will make the experience fun for you!

pink highlighter

Get Organized

It is essential that you allow yourself to let go of perfection when you begin your bullet journal. Your journal does not have to be an artistic masterpiece if you don’t want it to be. However, if you do, that’s cool too! Instead of focusing solely on aesthetics, incorporate tools to help you stay organized so that your journal is a productive resource for you. Try to create a key in the index of your bullet journal, so that you can keep your tasks organized effectively. Try using symbols to represent categories, or color coordinate your notes! This can help your journal feel functional, instead of just an ongoing list.

If journaling has felt like a chore in the past, try creating your own bullet journal. Express yourself with a fun, customizable, and personalized format! Find what works for you to best organize your thoughts and create a great piece of memorabilia in the process, documenting important times in your life.

Have you tried journaling in the past? Let us know what works for you!



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