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How To Beat Rising Gas Prices

By: Mariah Rogers
Mar 10, 2022 • 3 min read

How To Beat Rising Gas Prices – When Getting to Work is Getting Expensive.

It’s no secret that the past 2-years have brought on supply and demand issues for virtually every industry. This has made consumers frustrated as they empty their pockets in order to get the small number of goods they need. There are a few different factors that have contributed to the rising gas prices Americans have seen across the country in the last several weeks. From an increase in travel to supply shortages, the energy market has taken a huge hit.

When working a minimum wage job, commuting to work by car is becoming unaffordable for the average employee. With gas prices rising above the $5/gallon mark in some locations, job seekers are looking for alternative ways to get to work.

If you are looking to beat rising gas prices while still clocking in to your shift on time, keep reading.

Ditch Car Travel, Find Local Work

Car travel is becoming almost too expensive to allow for minimum wage paychecks to cover daily living costs. In order to adapt to this abrupt economic change, ditching car travel is essential. Taking the bus, biking, or even walking will allow workers to save big by keeping more money in their pockets and less at the pump.

The question is, how do find local work… and fast?!

The JobGet app offers a map feature, making it easy for candidates to find local work in their area. Job seekers can utilize the location search bar at the top of their screen to look for jobs around their neighborhood. Then, candidates are able to filter the search results based on employment type, urgency to hire, and more.

Fuel-Efficient Commuting

Once you have entered your city name into the search bar of the JobGet app, you will see blue dots representing local opportunities near you. From here, you can one-click apply to jobs near you, eliminating the need for car travel and paying heavily at the pump. You can also utilize public transport options, as this method of commuting is much more affordable with frequent use.

Saving $ When You Do Have to Drive

If you have to drive to work while looking for closer opportunities, there are a few ways to save during this time of transition. Every cent counts! In the Extra Income section of the JobGet app, you will find a few ways to save on daily expenses. Using every resource available will help you allocate more money to filling your tank over the next few weeks before you land a more localized job.

When Will It End?!

The truth is, these high gas prices aren’t going away anytime soon. California for example is already averaging a $5.44 price per gallon of gasoline. Eliminating the need for car travel will help your wallet and the planet – you just have to know how to adapt to these changes. JobGet can help!

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