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How To Answer: What Superpower Would You Choose To Have?

By: Mariah Rogers
Dec 2, 2020 • 6 min read

How To Answer: What Superpower Would You Choose To Have?

When participating in a job interview, your potential employer may come up with peculiar questions to ask. These non-job-related prompts help the interviewer better understand the applicant’s personality, motives, and attitude. They are trying to see if the candidate has both the credentials and the mindset to fit in with the current company culture. The good news is, if you are faced with a unique or unpredictable question, there are no wrong answers! But, some responses will shine a light on your strengths better than others. Let’s explore how to articulate what superpower you would choose in an interview setting. You don’t need superpowers since your raw talent is already enough – obviously! However, here is how to respond if you are faced with this question.

what superpower would you choose

Have Fun With It

When faced with an unusual interview question, try your best to have fun with it! Choosing the “right” superpower is not going to automatically grant you the position. So, try to pick something true to you, not what you think the interviewer wants to hear. Remember, they are asking this question to better understand your personality and what makes you unique. So feel free to show off your funny/creative side!

Pro Tip: It’s okay to laugh during an interview! Find enjoyment in your responses and work to form a connection with the interviewer. This will help your interview feel more conversational and natural, instead of forced!

what superpower would you choose

Always Give Examples 

This is the golden rule of interviewing. Your actual response is far less impactful than the reasoning you use to back up your points. If you give supporting detail to explain why you chose to give an example, this will allow the interviewer to look at your thought process. Plus, it is a great way to squeeze in an extra story or two about your personal career experiences! If you are asked about your strengths, be sure to state how you utilize this skill at work. When asked about challenges you have faced, explain how you overcame these obstacles. If asked about your superpower choice, communicate how you would use this talent to improve your personal and professional life. Even if your superpower would have the ability to magically refill the coffee maker at work, back up your statement!


I would choose a superpower that would allow me to fast forward in time! I would love to know the outcome of certain projects to fix issues before the due date. Until I get that power, I will continue to collaborate with my coworkers and test every possible flaw!

Pro Tip: Always mention how you are using your talents and problem-solving skills to overcome challenges that a superpower could help. Otherwise, you may reveal a weakness that you did not mean to share!

what superpower would you choose

Tie In The Workplace 

Although this question is lighthearted and can be applied to any aspect of your life, try to tie in the workplace at some point during your response. Even if you mention examples of how you would use your new superpower in your personal life, add a workplace example, too, to balance out your answer. This way, the interview does not fall too much off track and still stays in the same general discussion area.


I would choose a superpower that could allow me to have unlimited hours in the day! Not only would I be able to spend more time with my kids, but I would also be able to have more time to get to know customers at work on a personal level. Forming relationships with customers who come into the shop is extremely important to me. I wish I had more time to do it!

Pro Tip: Think back on your past work experiences. What do you wish you had more time to do? What parts of work did you really enjoy? Was it the customers? Seeing the delivery team once a week to unload the new shipment? It’s the little things that matter most and bring fulfillment to long days at work.

what superpower would you choose

Include How Your Superpower Would Benefit Others 

Finding candidates who will be good team-players is a crucial part of the recruitment process for employers. They want to find subordinates who will blend well with their current team and show care and trust for others. When answering an unusual question such as this one, including how you would help benefit your team as a whole is key to an excellent response. It doesn’t have to be a forced, wishy-washy example. Instead, make your answer genuine or even funny!


If I had a superpower, I would grant everyone a front-row parking spot in the lot outside in the office. New England winters are freezing! Being able to walk straight from your car to the office in seconds would be a win for the whole team.

what superpower would you choose

Think Forward 

Another way to give a meaningful response to this question is to think about the future before answering. How could you improve your own natural skills and abilities so that your desired superpower wouldn’t even be needed one day? How do you hope to grow and improve yourself to achieve this goal? What kind of leader would you need to be to help others achieve this aspiration with you? Think about the future and how you can tie in your own personal growth.


I would have the power to make meetings so effective and fun, employees want to gather together every week! Especially since the pandemic, Zoom conferences can be challenging to get through. I strive to create a company culture that is positive where everyone is excited to share their input!

If you could have a superpower? What would you choose? Let us know on our social media pages, and good luck with your upcoming interview!

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