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Qualities Of a Great Team Player

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 20, 2020 • 2 min read

How to Answer:

What Makes You a Good Team Player?

Teamwork is involved in many aspects of the workplace. When applying for a new job, your interviewer may ask you: What makes you a good team player? It is important to make your response clear and concise. Make sure you are giving relevant examples to show your willingness to be a great teammate. Even if you prefer to do your work independently, this blog will teach you how to frame your best team skills to your interviewer. Continuing with our How To Answer series, we will help you learn how to talk about what makes you a good team player.

Why Do You Like Teamwork?

First, highlight the reasons why you enjoy doing teamwork, and benefits you see as a result of it. This is a great way to showcase your passion and enthusiasm for being collaborative. Working together can help teams complete tasks faster and with more efficiency, while also having fun! Working with others can be an enjoyable and social aspect of the work environment. Talk about your excitement about being or becoming a good team player. Forming positive relationships with coworkers can help the day go by faster and work seem more fun.

Example: I enjoy teamwork because it allows me to be collaborative, form positive relationships with coworkers, and efficiently achieve a common goal.

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Leadership Skills

Every team needs a good leader.  Think about a time when you encountered a good leader in your life. Take into consideration what they did that made them so good at managing a team. Focus on communication skills, listening skills, and goal setting. Interviewers love to hear your strengths and how you utilize the strengths of others to make the most productive team possible. Even if you aren’t typically the one to be a team leader, it is important to your employers that you can recognize who is.

Example: I pride myself on being a great leader. I utilize my communication skills, listening skills, and goal setting to help myself become a great leader.

OR: I don’t typically find myself in a leadership position within a team. Instead, I really enjoy being part of the glue that keeps the team working well, by respecting the leader and other team members. 

Collaboration and Compromise

While being a team leader is an admirable goal to work towards, it is equally important to be able to work under the direction of someone else. This can involve collaborating with people who think differently than you. Speak about your ability to listen to other perspectives and apply them to the task at hand. Talk about your ability to combine the ideas of many people to create an even better solution. Compromising with teammates is a great way to be a good team player.

Example: I am skilled in collaboration and compromise which helps me work effectively with others to complete the task at hand.

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Responsibility is an essential trait for anyone who wants to work successfully in a team. Being able to be accountable for yourself, responsible for your actions, take command of assigned tasks and be a trustworthy team player are all great things to mention during your interview. If you aren’t a responsible teammate, your work will suffer. Setting standards for yourself and teammates to be responsible ensures an effective workplace. Think of an example of a time you were responsible for a past job and share it with your interviewer! Or, talk about a time when another team member was not responsible, and how it affected you. Sharing stories and examples are a great way for the interviewer to get to know you.

Example: In my current job, I  have a lot of responsibility to make sure that medical supplies are delivered to hospitals on time. I know that my team depends on me to get these essential supplies, and I consider it a great responsibility. 

If you follow through with these tips, you’ll be able to answer the question “what makes you a good team player?” with confidence and ease.

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