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How To Answer: What Is Your Ideal Workday?

By: Juliana Norton
Aug 19, 2020 • 3 min read

How To Answer: What Is Your Ideal Workday?

This question is very interesting, considering it’s opinionated. You have yet to work there, so how would you know? Obviously, this largely depends on where you’re applying to, but each answer can be structured similarly. Here is how to communicate what your ideal workday would look like!

ideal workday

Positives About the Company

This question gives you a great chance to show off your knowledge of the company. You can mention any reviews you’ve seen from past employees or some valuable company values/beliefs listed within their website. It’s always a good idea to incorporate why you care to work there within your answer. Every interviewer wants to see that the applicant is excited about this opportunity and wants to get their foot in the door! You can exemplify this by showing you’ve done your research and know some of the positives to expect.


One of the most significant characteristics of an excellent employee is their work ethic. When they’re on the clock, are they always putting their best effort forward? Or are they slacking off and solely completing the bare minimum? In your answer you should place emphasis that a good day is a productive day. We understand that it’s impossible to be on top of your game all the time, but in an interview, it’s best to express how much you value the days where you are. Explain the importance of having these days and what would qualify as being very productive.

Personal Achievement

In every interview setting, it’s necessary to speak about your personal upsides and what you’re good at. Keep in mind that there is a line, and you don’t want to sound full of yourself. Stay humble, but don’t be afraid to indulge a little. You want to be confident but not cocky. Ultimately, frame your day around the achievement of the company due to your personal actions and behavior. When done correctly, you’ll show the interviewer you’d be a great asset to the team.

ideal workday

Here’s an example if you’re applying for a position at a grocery store:

“My ideal workday would be one where I’m able to satisfy every customer I interact with and ensure they had a pleasant experience. I know this is one of your biggest company values, so by upholding this, I feel that I’m positively contributing to the team. Another aspect that would make my workday is being more productive than I had been before. With time and practice, I know I can do my job faster and more efficiently. I always strive to improve and outdo my last performance because it brings me a huge sense of fulfillment!”

This could be an example if you’re applying for a position as a bartender:

“When customers ask for another of the same drink I just made for them, it makes my day. I know how important it is to us that we provide exemplary service and are an expert in mixology. By requesting it again, it shows that the drink was a hit, and they can’t get enough! Another aspect I enjoy it when people come because of a referral from a friend. It’s incredibly important to get our name out there, and one way of doing so is to provide excellent service that patrons can’t help but talk about!”

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