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How To Answer: How Do You Boost Your Confidence?

By: Mariah Rogers
Aug 25, 2020 • 3 min read

How To Answer: How Do You Boost Your Confidence?

When in an interview, your potential employer might be curious about how you boost your own self-esteem. This skill is much more important than some might think, due to the fact that confidence is critical when it comes to being successful in the workplace. Being confident in your talents and abilities is crucial to becoming an independent employee who can blossom into a team leader. So, how do you answer the question, “how do you boost your confidence”? Keep reading to find out!

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Helping Others

Many people find that making a positive difference in someone else’s life brings them joy and confidence. They take pride in the ability to make an impact in the lives of others and use their skills for the benefit of someone else. Helping others can be a way to validate your own talents and abilities. It can also give you a boost of confidence, knowing that you have helped someone better themselves.

Example: I boost my own confidence by helping others to succeed. I find that supporting others helps me to validate my talents and skills. I feel proud once I have made a positive impact in someone else’s life. 

Focusing On The Good

Being a positive addition to the workplace is something that will be very attractive to any employer. There is almost always a need for fresh energy and upbeat personalities in every work environment. If you boost your confidence by focusing on the good that you do, and the good in others, this is a great time to communicate this trait in your interview! Focusing on your successes and gains is a great way to boost your self-confidence. Praising others in your workplace or team for their achievements can bring you validation, too!

Example: I boost my own confidence by focusing on the good in myself and others. I try to always recognize my personal successes and gains, as well as recognize the achievements of others close to me. When I take time to focus on the good, I realize how far I have come, and that all of my hard work is worth it. 

Challenging Yourself

Challenging yourself to do something that scares you can be a huge confidence boost. This is especially true if you come out victorious! Dare to challenge yourself and try something new. Being able to reach out of your comfort zone should make you confident in your ability to try new things! Half the battle is daring to take the chance. Being confident in your ability to face a challenge head-on is a great attribute to bring up during your interview!

Example: I find that challenging myself is the best way to boost my confidence. Once I know I can step outside of my comfort zone and be successful, I immediately feel more confident in my talents and abilities. 

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