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How To Always Be On Time

By: JobGet
Jun 15, 2020 • 3 min read

Want to Avoid Tardiness? 

We’ve all had those mornings where breakfast had to be skipped, and we could barely put our shoes on before running out the door. Though sometimes life throws unpredictable curveballs, there are a few tips to live by in order to always be on time. Being on time shows an employer a lot about you—specifically, your level of responsibility, self-discipline, and reliability. An employee who always manages to be on time is one that is valued within the workplace.

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Meal Prep

Meal prepping is an excellent way to cut back on unnecessary time in the morning spent making your lunch. If you’re running late, going without food shouldn’t be an option. Instead, take the time to meal prep once or twice a week, so you’re always prepared. There are some other benefits besides ensuring your punctuality, like managing your diet and including healthy options. When we don’t have time to make lunch and end up ordering food, we don’t necessarily make the best choices. Unfortunately, we’re less likely to choose something beneficial for our bodies because fast food is so easily accessible and quick. Meal prepping not only can be better for your health and energy, but time management as well.  

Aim To Be Early

Everyone has heard of the phrase, on time is late and early is on time, but not many people take it to heart. This can be essential to making sure you’re able to show up when expected. If you practice aiming to arrive five to ten minutes early, when something unexpected occurs, you’ll still show up right on time. You may have been late regarding your own expectations, but no one and nothing will be delayed due to whatever morning inconvenience had happened. Whether it’s traffic, a random car accident blocking your usual route, children needing your care, or anything else, giving yourself that extra leeway time is always a good idea. 

The Night Before 

The night before should be your best friend when it comes to being on time. Here, you have the opportunity to make sure everything is all good to go by the time your alarm goes off. This can be packing your lunch, making sure the clothes you want to wear are clean, everything you need to bring is packed, etc. This time is vital to avoid mishaps within your morning routine. Now you also won’t run out of time for breakfast!

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Use Your Resources 

Today, an abundance of information is at your fingertips, so why not use it? Before you leave, check out your route. Using different apps, you can see if and where there is traffic or accidents. In doing so, you won’t run into anything unexpected, and you can get to where you’re going without any hiccups. Also, there are apps where you can see where different speed traps are. If you’re using public transportation, there are options for you too. Along with checking your routes, always look at the weather. It would be awful for the rain to ruin that new blouse or professionally gelled hair. Plus, bad weather can make getting to work a challenge! 

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