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How Self-Reflection Can Transform Your Life

By: Mariah Rogers
Sep 1, 2020 • 4 min read

Have You Checked-In With Yourself Recently?

In a world where we are hyper-focused on the future, it can be challenging to learn how to self-reflect. Aiming higher, reaching benchmarks, and earning goals can drown out the past and push us into a mindset of always trying to achieve more. However, incorporating the practice of self-reflection into your life can completely transform your workstyle and become more aware of yourself. Take this time in quarantine to get to know yourself! Inquire about your own strengths and weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and personal motivators. Understanding how you think and work best is key to being happy and productive. Here is how self-reflection can transform your life.

How Could I Have Done Better?

When reflecting on past situations, it is essential to ask yourself how you could have handled it better. This isn’t to pick apart and change every experience you’ve ever had, instead take into account how you can make improvements when you face similar scenarios in the future. Think about how if the outcome of the situation could have differed had you used a different tone of voice, paid more attention to detail, or asked additional questions. Think back on personal scenarios that went well, and brainstorm ways you can improve them even more in the future. Explore techniques that didn’t go well, and ask yourself why they ended poorly. Doing so will help you become more self-aware and understanding of yourself and your needs.

What Is Important To Me?

Identify what matters most to you is essential as you begin your self-reflection journey. Reflecting on how you prioritized people and things in the past can help you align your values and create more importance in your life for the things that matter most. For example, consider if teamwork or individual tasks have more value to you. Think about if you value mastering one skill rather than practicing versatility. The choice is yours! Find out what is important to you.

Am I Challenging Myself Enough?

Growth often occurs when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. While feeling confident and secure is critical, ask yourself when the last time you felt challenged was. How often do you try new things? Are you too comfortable at your current job or position? Reflect on the difficulty and level of effort you put into your days. Finding ways to expand your horizons and challenge yourself occasionally will add color to your life and promote growth.

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How Would I Describe Myself?

Reflecting on how you might describe yourself can be helpful when defining your strengths and weaknesses. This can also be a key indicator in understanding how others perceive you. Recognizing what you are good at and which qualities you possess can be extremely helpful when understanding what roles to take on in your life. Would you describe yourself as charismatic, motivated, or hardworking? Is there anything you would add to your personal description list? If so, make it happen!

Am I Doing My Best?

Striving to achieve your highest performance while maintaining happiness is a personal goal for many. When considering self-reflection, ask yourself if you are really doing your best. Could you be doing more for your family, friends, work, or yourself? These are critical questions to ask yourself when beginning to self-reflect. Identifying areas in need of improvement or defining what success means to you will help you aim higher and increase confidence.

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