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How Do You Define Success?

By: Mariah Rogers
May 7, 2020 • 4 min read

Defining Success

Defining what success means to you is a great way to begin setting goals. Success can come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the values of everyone. You might measure your success in monetary form, achieving various goals, or your overall happiness. The choice is yours! Understanding what success looks like to you can help you benchmark your goals and meet reasonable standards for yourself. Being proud of your achievements is essential for climbing higher in your career. Keep reading to learn how to define success in your life. The best part is, once you have figured this out, you’ll be able to craft it into a killer interview response, as this is a popular interview question too.

Try Something New

Have you ever felt a sense of accomplishment from trying something new? Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is essential for growth. Maybe you tried to take on extra responsibilities at work. Or, perhaps you tried to create your own online business. Whether you succeeded or fell short, trying something new is a great way to learn more about yourself and is always something to be proud of! Even if you aren’t able to achieve that original goal, perhaps you define success by getting outside of your comfort zone.

Example: “I define success by my willingness to try new things and being open to learning. For example, I decided to take on the responsibility of a social media manager at my current job. I began with no experience, but after taking online classes and experimenting with the platform, I felt like I had really gained a lot of worthwhile experience.”

Helping Others

Helping others and facilitating a positive change in someone else’s life is extremely valuable. Offering guidance and support to those around us can cultivate meaningful relationships within your community. Seeing the impact you can have on another person can be everything you need to feel successful. This does not mean you have to turn someone’s life around to achieve success, it is all about the little things! If you enjoy volunteering, offering fantastic customer service, or helping someone in need, these can all be defined as success! If you’d like to know more about how to help your community during COVID, read our recent blog here.

Example: “I define success by my ability to help others. Once a month, I volunteer at my local homeless shelter and make connections with those in need. This is more important to me than making money or achieving new goals.”

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Work-Life Balance

Balancing your work and personal life can be tricky, especially with technology making access to communication constant. If having a balance of work and personal activities is a goal of yours, you can use this to help you define success! Feeling fulfilled in both your job and home life can lead to a happier version of you. Making time for hobbies, family, and activities outside of the office is beneficial for taking care of your mental health. This can be incredibly challenging during this time, so check out our blog here for some tips! If achieving this balance is what success means to you, here is a template of how you can talk about it.

Example: “I define success by maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I enjoy working hard while on the job and taking time to practice hobbies in off-hours so that I can recharge.”

Keeping a Schedule

Being on time and keeping up with deadlines is not easy for everyone. When you do stay on task, this is a huge success for some people. There are many distractions in our world today, and being able to focus and meet deadlines is a valuable trait to have. Keeping a schedule will help you come across as responsible, reliable, and a great team player. So, capitalize on it!

Example: “Every time I meet a deadline and stay on schedule when working on a project, I view it as a success.”

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Leading by Example

Being able to take on a leadership role is often viewed as a significant success. Examine what leading by example means to you! Think back on mentors you have had in the past and how they challenged you to become better. Identify times when your presence in the workplace was admired by others! If you’d like to learn more about teamwork and how you can improve in this area, check out this blog.

Example: “I hold myself to high standards and define success by my ability to lead by example. I can’t expect my team to produce quality work if I don’t guide them along the way”.

How do you define success? Let us know! 

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