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Hourly Employers Who Give Back to the Community

By: Thelma Collado
Jan 17, 2022 • 5 min read

Hourly Employers Who Really Give Back

Being charitable is an admirable trait to have. While not all businesses care about what they can do for others, there are still companies out there that put in the time and effort into giving back to their communities. These companies don’t sacrifice ethical and sustainable practices in order to supply their products, but instead, they encourage it! Along with having a vested interest in the environment, they also put their energy into helping those who need it the most. The companies listed below are not just looking to expand their brands and get more customers but actively work to make a difference in the world. Here is your go-to guide of employers that give back!


TOMS has updated its giving model. Currently, they invest ⅓ of their funds into grassroots organizations. This brand understands that change happens one step at a time. Tom’s helps out a wide variety of communities that focus their efforts on children’s charities, mental health, and environmental advocacy.

This company has also worked on expanding its sustainability practices by incorporating eco-friendly materials into its products and packaging.

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Darden Restaurants

This restaurant chain is intent on fighting hunger in the United States. Darden has partnered with Feeding America, has donated over $2.5 million to help support nearly 200 food banks. They ensure that people in need are provided meals. Along with this, they’ve supported other organizations native to Central Florida. Such as Second Harvest Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, and the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.

Darden has also partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to develop a training curriculum that will help combat racism and promote equity. They have also provided funds of more than $5.5 million to several universities across the country in order to supply financial aid to students in need.


BoxLunch has partnered with Feeding America so that every $10 you spend on their products means a meal is secured for someone in need. This company has also provided an option to make a donation to Feeding America when you go to check out.

Not only has BoxLunch provided 100 million meals through Feeding America. But, many members of their team have gone out to personally help out at their local food banks and connect with families.


This fast-food restaurant has worked towards giving back to its community through programs like Chick-fil-A True Inspiration Awards and Chick-fil-A Shared Table. True Inspiration Awards provides grants to nonprofit organizations that work towards improving their community. Shared Table uses any excess food in the restaurant to serve and provide meals for shelters, soup kitchens, and charities.

Chick-fil-A also provides tuition discounts and grants to team members who are attending college to help them continue pursuing their education.

FIGS Scrubs

FIGS created Threads for Threads–a program that focuses its efforts on providing quality scrubs to healthcare workers in countries with little resources. It’s essential to have scrubs that are comfortable and durable for this line of work. This is just what FIGS does.

This company also partners with other organizations to help send out their scrubs. As well as having teams visit these countries to help care for and treat hundreds of patients.

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This retail pharmacy has partnered with local first responders, Direct Relief, and the American Red Cross in order to provide financial support, health care, prescription services, and product donations if and whenever a disaster strikes. Through Project Health, CVS has taken the initiative and is providing free health screenings in certain communities. This is to help others detect any health issues early on and be treated effectively as a result.

CVS has also funded many nonprofit organizations through their community grants. They focus their efforts on health-related foundations and services that work to either provide communities with accessible health care. They focus on aiding those with chronic diseases or helping combat drug abuse. CVS is truly one of the best employers that give back!


When you buy coffee from Starbucks, you’re helping the company fund The Starbucks Foundation, which helps support a wide variety of communities through grants, partnering with nonprofit organizations, and more.

Through Neighborhood Grants, Starbucks has invested $2 million in thousands of organizations to help improve the state of their local communities. They’ve also invested in other programs that promote hunger relief, diversity, and economic opportunity. This company is also working on empowering women and girls across multiple countries through organizations that help create opportunities for women to succeed.

Whole Foods Market

This supermarket has three main foundations: Whole Planet, Whole Kids, and Whole Cities. These three foundations focus on alleviating poverty in communities, supporting schools, and improving the nutrition of children. They provide better access to healthy food through the creation of food systems.

Whole Foods is also focusing its efforts on minimizing food waste in its stores. They also are creating more energy-efficient systems and buildings, supporting farmers, and raising awareness for pollinators. They’ve also collaborated with other organizations, such as Fair Trade USA to help provide scholarships, improve wages, and plant trees.


Kohl’s has focused its efforts on helping families and communities thrive. This department store has partnered up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). They have dedicated their time to helping communities, families, and individuals with mental illnesses.

Kohl’s has also created the program, A Community with Heart, to identify and support nonprofit organizations in their efforts to support those in need. They have also set up a volunteer program that encourages their employees to assist in these nonprofit organizations and work closely with others.


This retail store is committed to playing an active role in their communities; through the Costco Scholarship Fund, they have been able to raise over $65 million, which will be provided as scholarships for minority students. They have also donated millions of dollars to other schools, foundations, and organizations to help support low-income and underrepresented students.

Costco has also been assisting Feeding America through donations of up to 70 million pounds in food and other products. As well as $3.5 million in cash grants. Costco is focused on providing more opportunities for growth to all classes and races. So, they’ve committed millions to groups such as the Black Economic Development Fund (BEDF), Fearless Fund, and the Entrepreneurs of Color Loan Fund (EOCLF. This is in hopes of building more opportunities for Black communities and individuals. Costco is one of the key employers that give back!

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Bank of America – Employers That Give Back

The Bank of America has taken action in their community, focusing its resources towards advocating for racial equality, providing economic opportunities through the creation of jobs in their community, and supporting small businesses through their funds.

Since this bank believes in the importance of affordable housing, they’ve partnered with Habitat for Humanity. Here, employees volunteer around 35,000 hours in order to help create homes for those in need. Bank of America has also partnered with Legal Aid in hopes of assisting communities with resolving any legal issues.


Timberland has launched Path of Service, an employee volunteer program that has accumulated over 1,000,000 hours! This program provides employees with paid time while they help out their communities. They do so by cleaning up parks and beaches, installing community gardens, refurbishing underserved schools, and much more.

This store has also focused its efforts on being more sustainable and environmentally friendly. One of the ways they plan to give back to their community is through Plant the Change. This is a program that has teamed up with several other programs and alliances in order to reach its goal of planting 50 million trees around the world.


In order to better help today’s youth, this tech company has launched Project 10Million; through this program, T-Mobile offers free internet and mobile hotspots to 10 million households in order to ensure that students are provided the resources they need to learn online and in the classroom. T-Mobile is also working towards minimizing their waste as they focus on becoming more efficient and sustainable.

In order to assist during times of crisis, T-Mobile has provided thousands of emergency mobile phones to support relief workers and citizens. They also provide backup power sources and services to help out countries during natural disasters.

Best Buy

This electronics company has raised over $125 million for St. Jude, helping their foundation in its mission to treat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Best Buy is also working to build a network of 100 Teen Tech Centers. This program provides safe, educational environments in which students can learn and prepare for their future.

Best Buy has been working towards becoming more eco-friendly, such as creating tech that runs on renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions through its sustainable products.


In order to give back to their community, Burlington has focused their efforts on lending a helping hand through several methods. Their program, Warm Coats & Warm Hearts, has worked since 2006 to collect and distribute up to 2.2 million coats for those in need. They have also supported sick children and families in Puerto Rico by collecting and donating toys for them; by teaming up with Fundación Infantil Ronald McDonald, they have been able to donate over 50,000 toys.

This retail store has also raised millions of dollars for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to support their research on life-saving treatments. They also work alongside Delivering Goods to provide merchandise for impoverished families and individuals.

If you’re looking for a company that gives back to current issues we are facing, this is your go-to list!

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