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Coronavirus: Tips To Maintain Good Working Environment At Home Office

By: JobGet
Apr 1, 2020 • 4.5 min read

Home office is not new in the lives of many people, but nowadays, this has become a forced reality for thousands of people around the world. The outbreak of the new coronavirus has led many companies to temporarily close the doors of their offices and, who can, now has to adapt their routine.

The quarantine will not last forever, but as long as we need to stay at home to control the spread of COVID-19, some practices can help to make this new routine lighter and more productive. Check out some tips here!

Tip # 1: Home Office Environment – Delimit a space that can be yours while you work

There are those who have space at home to set up a complete office, but if you don’t have it, you can improvise a corner during this season – you can even make a home office in your room. The important thing is to find a place in the house that you can use as an “office” during your workday. For many people, this routine was not planned, so the priority in adapting is to have a place for your material and to be able to accomplish tasks without interruptions or excessive distractions.

Investing in a good desk, a good office chair, a support for your notebook, and good lighting is the ideal scenario, especially for the long term. Since these items help you maintain your posture during working hours and prevent possible back pain and other health problems. But, if this is not an immediate option, it is worth improvising with what you already have available at home. Using the dining table, the coffee table in the room, or a tray, can be quick alternatives, but in these cases, it is worth paying even more attention to the question of posture and routine.

Tip # 2: Routine – Organizing your day can help a lot in your productivity

Working from home poses some unique challenges. In times of the internet, it is common (although not very healthy) to stay connected with colleagues and work activities, even during times that should be reserved for our personal lives. This is even more pronounced when doing home office. For this reason, many specialists pay attention to the creation of a well-organized routine.

During this troubled period of forced quarantine, you should divide your day between work, household chores, leisure and health; and find the routine that works for you. The tip is to look for and take advantage of productivity apps to help you organize your home office routine.

Short breaks throughout the day to stretch and give your eyes a break are highly encouraged by experts, so remember to plan these breaks throughout the day. It is worth investing in anti-stress hand balls and even in electric massagers, which relieve tension at the right points.

Finally, our final tip for improving your home office routine is: get ready. We may be tempted to spend the whole day in pajamas at home, but several studies show that a simple change of clothes to work at home can make a huge difference in your productivity.

Tip # 3: Dialogue – Talking and aligning plans is the key to avoiding disagreements

The world is facing a turbulent period. During this time, it is natural to get confused because of divided attention between following the news about the coronavirus and our daily life. That is why it is important to keep a line of dialogue always open with all the people involved with your home office at that time, including those who live with you.

With your work team, it is important to align project planning. For this, you can take advantage of tools that have the option of free use or that are being released at that moment. Trello (to organize as a team) Skype (for video conferencing) and  GoogleCloud (unified communication platform) are tools that can help during the work period during the quarantine.

Tip # 4: Take care of yourself – Stress can affect our immune system

To avoid falling into the vicious cycle of working from the time you wake up to bedtime, it is imperative to know how to listen to your body. Exercise as much as possible, stretch, eat well, hydrate, take care of your home, sleep well, and take time out for leisure. Try to engage in an activity that helps you to relax. After all, there is scientific evidence that high levels of stress lower our immunity, which can make us more vulnerable to the coronavirus.

The good news is that the internet will be your biggest ally during the quarantine. There are a lot of services available free of charge for you to venture into this phase, so, pick the options that amuse you and distress yourself now.