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Hiring Gen Z and Millennials

Erin Davis
By: Erin Davis
Dec 29, 2020 • 6 min read

Hiring Gen Z and Millennials – Attractive Workplace Qualities! 

The priorities of different generations when it comes to working and job searching have changed throughout time. Now that companies incorporate new flexible working schedules and various other internal changes due to COVID, many job applicants are incorporating their new values into their job search. Gen Z and Millennials are developing new desires when it comes to finding the perfect company. 

Remote work opportunities, technology presence, and the work-life balance mindset have impacted this demographic significantly. The pay is no longer the best part of a position! This makes it more difficult for companies and recruiters to hire Gen Z and Millennials. It is time for companies to get creative and start offering a diverse selection of job benefits. As companies develop, they should be incorporating viewpoints and values to meet generational preferences and recruit well-qualified candidates. 

Realistic and Goal-Oriented

Gen Z and Millennials are realistic about their expectations but also know the value of their work. A Kronos study stated that almost a third of reviewed respondents believe that Gen Z is the “hardest working generation.” This shows they know their skills and worth when it comes to applying to companies. With innovative mindsets and a knack for technology, it’s no wonder this demographic is aiming high when it comes to job hunting! 

The drive to achieve success and happiness throughout life makes this demographic so goal-oriented. With this new mindset, job seekers will focus on what will contribute to their overall goals and are less likely to take a position that does not bring them value. This is why it is so important for companies to offer more than just competitive pay when trying to recruit candidates from these generations. 


Gen Z and Millennials crave recognition and praise in the workplace, too. This is especially important for employers to remember when structuring their company culture. Management should be sure to highlight the successes and achievements of employees. This will boost company loyalty and has the ability to reduce turnover. Interviewers should mention the recognition process during the interview, too. This process can appear in the form of recognizing an employee of the month or celebrating certain milestones amongst the team.

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Due to the influence of technology, Gen Z and Millennials are used to having a large network of people. Social networking sites have made the process of connecting with colleagues simple. Therefore, this demographic values professional representation. Thanks to these networks, almost everything is on display for the world to see these days! 

Employers should ensure that all aspects of the company align with the brand representation. Core values, mission statements, and company expectations should all be incorporated into the public branding. Gen Z and Millennials use professional networking sites to connect colleagues to companies that they recommend. If your brand is properly represented, it is more likely that an employee refers a colleague to the company via social networking. This way, if someone from accounting knows someone for a sales position, the referral is a positive experience, and the company is properly represented.

The Steps To Accepting

When deciding to accept a job offer, the most important factors are salary, work-life balance, and specific job duties. Gen Z and Millennials want to make an affordable living, be paid for their true value, and not be overworked. This balance could come from flexible hours, company culture, or remote work opportunities. These new preferences show that this demographic puts more thought into the company and position as a whole, instead of simply working for the money. Candidates will be sure to consider all of these job qualities prior to accepting an offer. Employers should be sure to look at the whole picture when crafting job offers for Gen Z and Millennial candidates! 

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Technology Is Key 

Gen Z is the first generation who grew up with technology. For this reason, they are also more adaptable and skilled with the ever-changing presence of technology. This is a skill that other generations can not learn to the same capacity. Because this generation recognizes the power of technology, 91% say they would allow the technology offered by an employer to influence their job choice if faced with similar employment offers. Companies should focus on their implementation of new technology and strategies when looking to recruit candidates who were born in the younger generations. 

The Importance of an Online Presence

While Gen Z and Millennials heavily use online networking sites, they also value a strong online presence on other platforms, too. Companies that use popular social media platforms are more likely to be known and recognized by this generation. Looking at social media pages, common connections for outreach, and company websites are some of the first steps this demographic take when searching for jobs.

Companies should be investing money and time into developing their social media platforms if they are looking to hire Gen Z and Millennials as employees. A strong social media presence will influence how this demographic thinks of the company, as well as its opportunities and relevancy.

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The Need For Stability 

It may come as a surprise, but Gen Z and Millennials also crave job stability when hunting for new employment. Companies that can offer this financial security, job stability, and growth opportunity are attractive to these generations. 

Stability can be presented in various ways, such as a strong 401K program, aid for student loan repayment, paying for further schooling, and other financial assistance. 43% of Millenials expect to retire before the age of 65! So, highlighting these various job benefits when recruiting applicants from these generations is critical.

Company Culture 

The idea of stability also transfers to the relationships Gen Z and Millennials desire to create with managers and coworkers. Feedback is vital for this generation, especially because they are very goal-driven. These strategies combined give the generation the stability and constant growth updates they desire for a productive and comfortable working environment!

What strategies do you use when recruiting Gen Z and Millennials to your company? Connect with us on social media and let us know!

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