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Help – My Resume is Giving Away My Age

By: JobGet
Jun 22, 2020 • 3 min read

Seven Tips to Make Your Resume Look Younger

You’re a seasoned worker with years of experience and an excellent skill-set. If you get in front of the interviewer, you are confident that you can convince them to hire you. What stands between you and that interview, however, is your resume. One sure way that you won’t get a face-to-face meeting is with an old-fashioned resume. Along with giving away your age, which can, unfortunately, work against you, an outdated looking resume will make the interviewing assume the following about you. 

  • You are not tech-savvy.
  • You are inflexible and not able to adapt.
  • Your skills are outdated.
  • You haven’t invested in personal/professional development.

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Update and Review 

Even if you’ve kept your resume current, you should still review it for signs that they might think are old-fashioned. Here are a few simple changes that will make your resume look years younger. 

  1. Get rid of that old e-mail address. If your address is at AOL or, it is time to update it. You don’t have to stop using it, just get a new one for your job search. Gmail is a good option. You might also get an e-mail address from your professional association. 
  2. Shorten your resume. As interesting as you are, no interviewer will take the time to read your autobiography. Stick to what is important and get your resume down to two pages.
  3. Use bullet points. Make your resume easier to read by incorporating bullet points in the format. With them, you can highlight and make your achievements, duties, and training standout. 
  4. Don’t mention personal references. In the 80s and 90s you’d include your references or write – “References are Available Upon Request” at the bottom of the page. Eliminate it as it is unnecessary. 
  5. Do you still have a phone number? Having a landline is a telltale sign that you haven’t moved with the times. Get a cell phone or a virtual phone number for your job search. 
  6. Remove graduation dates. To further avoid age bias, keep graduation dates off of your resume. No one needs to know when you graduated from high school or completed your college education. 
  7. Don’t include your entire employment history. You should limit the jobs listed on your resume to the last 10-15 years.

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Social Networking

Do you know that potential employers will look for your profile on LinkedIn? If you haven’t joined LinkedIn, this might also be viewed adversely by a hiring manager. Are you on Facebook? Although it could be considered unethical, some will take a peek at your Facebook page. To protect your privacy, be sure to adjust your settings so that only your friends can see your photos and status updates. 

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