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Guide to: Power Posing

By: Mariah Rogers
Aug 31, 2020 • 5 min read

Strike a Pose!

It’s no secret that body language can help us express and embody our emotions. Body movements can change our moods and behaviors in different ways, depending on how we are feeling. For example, have you ever felt stressed and practiced some yoga to calm down? Currently, there is a popular concept flooding the internet called power posing. Power posing can help to engage confidence, build trust in one’s self, and cultivate motivation. These are all traits that can come in handy before a job interview or first day of work, as well as many other scenarios where you need some extra power. If you want to learn more, keep reading!

Power Posing Pointers

So, what exactly is power posing? We’re glad you asked! Power posing requires the participant to stand in a pose that is associated with confidence. Straight posture, arms on the hips, and a wide stance are generally associated with positions of power. These positions bring a sense of motivation, confidence, dominance, pride, and professionalism to the participant. Research suggests that power posing can change the body chemistry regarding hormonal balance within the body. An article that was featured in Forbes discusses these findings, and you can take a look at what Amy Cuddy’s research states here.

Benefits For You

Research suggests that incorporating power poses into your daily routine can help cultivate confidence. Have you ever noticed yourself becoming timider in a slouched position with your arms crossed? Now examine this feeling and compare it to standing up straight with wide-open arm gestures. You might be able to feel the difference in your body chemistry and notice yourself become more confident, almost instantaneously. Power posing can be a huge benefit in your life if you struggle with self-confidence. You and others around you will surely notice a difference in your stance.

two girls standing while holding her hips

When To Pose

You might be asking yourself, when should I power pose? Well, the answer to this can vary from person to person, depending on individual needs. Situations that are anxiety-inducing to some might not be for others, so it’s important to identify when you need a boost of confidence. Examples include; right before you head into a job interview, introducing yourself to someone new or noteworthy, writing an important email, or gearing up for a significant phone call. Whatever the situation, power poses can help you be at your best.

Poses to Try

If you’re ready to give power posing a chance, but aren’t sure where to start, you’re not alone! Take it step by step and begin in a private place you feel comfortable in. This will allow you to explore and express yourself in ways that feel right to you, without the fear of judgment! One popular pose to start with is called the “Wonder Woman” and involves standing with your feet apart and both of your hands on your hips, the classic WW stance! If you’d like to try a wider variety of posing options, check out this article here.

man opening his arms wide open on snow covered cliff with view of mountains during daytime

Is Power Posing Right For You?

As with any sort of research, there are studies out there that suggest power posing is simply a myth. If you try and search for power posing techniques on the internet, you’ll find mixed opinions on whether this method works or not. What works for some people might not be best for others, but this is definitely worth a shot. Give power posing a try and incorporate new motivational techniques into your professional life.

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