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Guide To Freelance Photography

By: Mariah Rogers
Jul 20, 2020 • 3 min read

Intro To Photography

Photography is a fun, creative, and practical art form that can be done as a hobby or as a career! All you will need is a camera, inspiration, and passion for capturing insightful images and memories. This blog will share how to build a portfolio, ensure customer satisfaction, and other tips to help your photography resume stand out. If you are interested in becoming a freelance photographer, here is how to get started!


Invest In a Quality Camera

To make your images look professional, it is crucial to invest in a quality camera to take your pictures. Good cameras offer features and capabilities that a phone camera can not. Your images will come out less pixelated, sharp, and you will be able to have lots of storage available so you can capture the perfect shot.

Start Small

Before you begin charging customers for your services, it is important to practice and master your craft. Offer to have a free photoshoot with friends, or snap some pictures of your pets! Take a trip to find gorgeous scenery and wildlife. These images can be printed and framed as magnificent home decor pieces. Practice using different features on your camera and adjusting the lighting. Once you have build up some practice, try creating a portfolio to sample your best work!

Create a Portfolio

After taking some test shots of friends and family, it’s time to create your photography portfolio. Select your best looking and most professional images to compile into a central album that showcases your work. This will come in handy when meeting potential clients, as they will be able to see the amazing services you offer. These test shots can also be compiled into an online portfolio, in the form of a personal website. This makes marketing your talents online even easier and more feasible.



Your clients will likely have goals in mind for their photoshoot. To ensure excellent results and a satisfied customer, it is vital to listen to what the client has in mind for the session. It may be helpful to set up a phone call before the photoshoot so that you can have an idea of the direction your customer wishes to go in. If you are unsure as to what the customer wants, always ask! This will save you lots of trouble once the session is complete, and the client receives the photos.


You may want to learn the basics of photoshop or any other site that can edit and enhance your photos. This way, you can adjust the lighting and fix the coloration after the photoshoot, if your camera did not give you the results you had intended. Learning how to touch up photos is another great skill you can put on your photography resume to make you an attractive service to potential clients.

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