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Guide to Being a Brand Ambassador

By: Mariah Rogers
Jul 20, 2020 • 3 min read

Are You a New Brand Ambassador?

Becoming a brand ambassador can be an exciting and fun new position. This is especially true if you are passionate about the brand you are representing! While the job description for being a brand ambassador can be vague, this leaves tons of room for personalization and creativity. Here is your guide to being a brand ambassador!

Know The Brand

Knowledge is power. Whether you are representing clothing, technology, beauty, or a service, you must know the company inside and out. This means knowing the value of the company you are working for. Why should customers choose your brand? What are the benefits customers will gain from your product? You need to know how to answer critical questions regarding your brand so that you can help market the company and product.

Embody The Brand

It is your job to represent the brand in a positive and upbeat manner. This is important to remember when you post on social media or interact with other companies and businesses. The way you present yourself directly represents the company values, mission, and other employees. Your job is to publicly represent the brand in the best way possible, so think twice before you act!

Interact With Customers

It is crucial for you to interact with customers on a personal level, especially when talking about your brand. Build a community surrounding the product or service you are representing. Connect customers to other reps or employees to deeply involve them in the brand. Interacting with customers will make them more likely to view your brand as a friendly, positive, and community-based company.

Keep It Real

It is common to see other brand ambassadors promoting brands in a fabricated way. If you avoid this, you will be able to set your company apart and help make customers feel comfortable when communicating with you. You will also be able to build a stronger sense of trust and credibility with your customers because they will see your true passion and belief in the brand/product.

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It is likely that you are not the only brand representative working for your company. Connecting with other reps is a great way to build your network and expand your knowledge of the company. Working in a team will help you find support when feeling isolated from other departments of the company. Since many brand ambassadors work remotely with a strong focus on online presentation, connecting with others and forming a team is a great way to build connections within the company.

Understand How You Will Be Paid

Being a brand ambassador, you will likely not have a set salary. Instead, you will work for commission-based compensation. Understanding what this entails is key to keeping a budget and knowing what your incentives are. Some companies will pay brand ambassadors in a monetary mount, discount codes, or free merchandise.

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