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Goodbye Athleisure, Hello Athflow (For the Workplace)

By: Mariah Rogers
Feb 18, 2021 • 6 min read

Goodbye Athleisure, Hello Athflow – Staying Comfy in the Workplace.

With the new year underway and things looking quite different than they did this time last year, many of us are wondering what trends will come with 2021. Will we ever go back to working as hard and being as busy? Is this era of isolation and newfound self-discovery going to have an impact on our preferences moving forward? Luckily, Pinterest has recently released their yearly guide to uncovering new trends called Pinterest Predicts. From sleep sanctuaries to charcuterie boards – we took note of all possible changes coming in 2021. One of the most interesting predictions stated was exploring athflow for the workplace. 

We’re all about keeping up with the latest workplace trends and corporate quirks. Since working from home has skyrocketed in popularity due to the pandemic, we are not surprised that employees are finding creative ways to stay comfy. Not to mention, 80% of last year’s Pinterest predictions came true despite the unexpected spread of COVID. So, we have full confidence in athflow clothing taking over our closets!

athflow for the workplace

What Is Athflow and How Is It Different Than Athleisure?

According to Pinterest Predicts, when athleisure meets elegance – that’s athflow. The idea being that athflow style clothing will be the new officewear that is professional yet comfortable. So you can go from your standing desk to the yoga mat without needing a trip to the locker room to change your attire. So, in 2021, we can expect more jumpsuits, flowy two-piece sets, and softer, more breathable fabric. Stretchy, flowing clothing that follows the body’s natural movement is replacing skin-tight yoga pants and zip-up jackets. The oversized look is in, especially if your outfit is color-coordinated.

How Will Athflow Pass as Appropriate Workplace Attire?

The pandemic has shifted many employees into the full-time remote workspace. Many compies do not have plans to ever return to the office as having virtual employees saves them money on office space, workplace materials, and everything that comes with maintaining a large work center. Plus, many employees have reported that working from home isn’t so bad after all. According to Business Insider, full-time remote workers said they’re happy in their job, which is 22% more than people who never work remotely. Encouraging employees to telecommute also has boosted overall team productivity. Remote workers report putting in over 40 hours a week, which is a whopping 43% more than on-site employees.

If your company falls into this category, it’s likely you’ll be working from the couch long-term. And athflow is perfect for spur-of-the-moment Zoom calls. You’ll look professional enough to be respected as a coworker and subordinate while still being able to sit criss-cross on your sofa. Kiss the days of tight button-up trousers goodbye! We certainly won’t miss those days.

hanged grey shirt on white wall

If You Do Return to The Office, Athflow Will Be The New Norm

Other companies aren’t so keen on keeping their workforce operating from home. For some, it is standard practice to go into the workplace on-time, in-person, and well dressed. This can tie into company culture and values, something that many establishments are wary about changing. As employees who work for these companies slowly return to the office, this won’t pick up right where they left off last March. I mean, with the office only operating at 1/4 capacity, who are you trying to impress! It is likely that those who do return to working in-person will do so within a “bubble” made up of their immediate teammates. This will dramatically change the expectations and norms typically seen in a corporation. Working more closely with teammates who have been with you through it all (hearing kids crying over Zoom calls, dogs barking in the background, etc.) will create a much more relaxed and accepting environment. Anthflow will become the go-to dress code standard.

To make yourself seem a bit more professional as you return to working in-person, you can follow the general guidelines of athflow, but add a bit of spice. Include your own personal touch by adding accessories that boost your credibility and show off your style! Professional shoes, jewelry, belts, bags, and coats can take an outfit from cubicle to company meeting in no time.

Get The Look and Embrace Your Flowy Side

Adopting this new fashion trend can seem overwhelming, but many athflow pieces are already being sold in stores you’ve likely heard of! It is more than possible to find affordable, professional, and comfortable clothing to help you transition back into the “real world” as vaccines get administered, and restrictions lessen. Since we love being your personal career guide, life coach, and personal stylist, here is a list of our top athflow clothing picks.

athflow for the workplace

*Add to Cart* F0r The Gals

High Waist Long Pants With Pockets – $16.99 on Amazon

Embrace corporate comfort with these high-waisted long pants with pockets (yes, pockets!) from none other than Amazon. They come in 15+ different patterns and styles, making them a versatile closet staple. They are breathable yet professional enough to wear on your first day back in the office.

Relaxed Shirt – $59.50 at Loft

Everyone needs a plain white shirt they can pair with any pants and run out the door. Bonus points if it’s cute and comfy! This top is offered in a variety of colors at Loft. The name is “Relaxed Shirt,” so we’re pretty sure it doesn’t get cozier than this.

Softspun Jumpsuit – $46.97 at GAP

Wouldnt it be nice if pants and tops could just coordinate with themselves already? That’s the magic of a jumpsuit! This one is made out of soft-spun material, which adds extra comfort during the workday. It comes in a classic black color that can be jazzed up with some cute loafers or beaded earrings for your own personal touch.

Sweater Jogger Sweatsuit – $78.00 at Banana Republic 

Sweatsuits in the workplace? Say what? This sweater jogger suit combines the classic knit look with comfy relaxed vibes. The joggers are fitted to give you a crisp look while still maintaining maximum mobility. You can even pair the sweater with a blazer or trenchcoat to bump up your professionalism!

Floral Midi Dress – $62.00 at Lulus

If you’re in need of something a bit more put-together for a meeting or 1-on-1 with your boss, we’ve got you! Check out this floral midi dress from lulus. Midi hits right in the middle of your calf, so the length is perfectly appropriate for any corporate function. This flowy dress gives you the freedom to move and work as you please!

athflow for the workplace

*Must Buys* F0r The Guys

Sailwind Men’s Drawstring Trousers – $20.99 on Amazon

Beachy bohemian meets casual office wear. These trousers give off a khaki look combined with the flexibility of lightweight, summer pants. They come in a variety of different colors, so you can stock up on all shades and avoid wearing dress pants ever again!

Oversized Viscose Shirt in Stone – $29.00 on ASOS

Oversized is all the rage when it comes to keeping up with athflow attire. This oversized shirt is made in a flattering beige/stone shade that is a perfect natural for taking Zoom calls or stepping into the office. Moveable, breathable, comfortable.

Brushed Waffle-Knit Jogger Set – $58.99 on Banana Republic 

If you’re feeling like keeping things on the casual side, you can’t go wrong with a matching sweatsuit! This set comes in both light grey and black, which are perfect colors for professionals. The waffle detailing adds an element of texture and uniqueness to this comfy outfit. This is the perfect set for embracing athflow in the workplace!

The Flannel Chore Jacket – $88.00 on Everlane 

Office buildings can get chilly from time to time! With the air conditioning on full blast, it’s hard to stay at a comfortable temperature. The flannel chore jacket matches almost any outfit and is perfect to throw on both in the workplace and at home. This jacket gives off a professional yet casual style that is sure to give you a boost of confidence and a touch of warmth!

Comfort is Customary – Athflow For the Workplace

For those of us who used to dread mornings spent trying to piece together professional outfits that fit perfectly in all the right places, this new athflow clothing trend is a dream come true. Now, you won’t be dying to change out of your work clothes as soon as you walk in the door after a long day. Phew!

As companies continue to explore possible ways of re-opening, comfort will be customary. It has become essential to our everyday work lives! Even if you simply invest in a few flowy yet professional tops, you’ll be up with the 2021 trends and feeling comfortable when doing so.

What are your thoughts about athflow for the workplace? Do you miss the usual corporate style clothing? Let us know in the comments!

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