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Gifts For Remote Students (Elementary, HS, & College!)

By: Mariah Rogers
Dec 1, 2020 • 6 min read

Holiday Gifts For The Remote Student In Your Life – (Elementary, High School, & College!)

Gone are the days of lunchboxes, locker decor, and dorm room essentials. The pandemic has caused many students to embark on their remote learning journey – and they must be well equipped! So, the holidays are a perfect time to grab these practical, helpful, and innovative presents. No matter if you are shopping for an elementary school student or college learner – this blog has it all! Let’s explore the perfect gifts for remote students.

gifts for remote students

Elementary Student Wish List:

Large Dry Erase Calendar 

Elementary school students are just learning how to perfect their time management and organization skills. Now, they are challenged with the new task of keeping track of their assignments from home! In-person learning may have stopped, but tests, papers, and projects certainly have not. Basic planners or desk calendars can be boring for kids, and they might not feel motivated to fill them out. This large dry-erase calendar helps to add an element of fun to the organization process. The sticky adhesive will attach to the wall of their bedroom, at-home classroom, or office. Next, they can use various fun colored markers to draw on the board and track assignments, progress, and after school activities.

Find one option here for $29.99!

Bounce Ball Chair 

For students who get antsy sitting in front of the computer screen all day, here is your solution! This unique gift is an exercise ball/chair combo. It allows students to have the freedom of movement without leaving their seats mid-zoom call. Plus, they come in all sorts of colors, so you can find a shade that is your students favorite. At-home learning provides a rare opportunity for students to customize their school experience and find what works best for them. Finding a chair that meets their needs can help virtual meetings fly by!

Explore color options here and purchase the chair for $19.99.

gifts for remote students

Foldable Privacy Divider 

With kids learning from home and parents working remotely, it can be challenging to find privacy in the house to focus. Kids need privacy, too, to participate in class freely and feel as though they have their own space to work. If your dining room table also doubles as the classroom, a foldable privacy divider might be the perfect solution. This gift allows your student to enjoy peace and quiet while also having a central place to store all their learning supplies and technology equipment such as headphones.

Purchase this gift here for $49.99!

High School Student Wish List:

Updated Desk Organizers 

High school students are more concerned about the aesthetic of their workspace when compared to elementary learners. So, updated desk organizers that match their room decor or personality will make the perfect gift! These are practical, affordable, and versatile desk organization sets. The kit includes folder organizers, sticky note holders, pencil cups, a business card holder, and more. This will help any high school student feel more comfortable in their learning space customized just the way they like.

The desk organization set can be purchased here for $29.99!

gifts for remote students

Colorful Graphing Calculator 

Every student knows that a graphing calculator will be the investment that stays with them for years to come. Since these devices are a bit on the pricey side, it is best to purchase them when they are in high school to use them now and during their undergraduate career. This calculator will be a huge help in every subject, from math to science to economics. They also come in a variety of fun colors to make the gift personalized!

TI-84 colored calculators can be purchased here for $143.99

Felt Letter Board 

Felt letter boards are a cute and fun way for students to customize their at-home learning space. They can be used to write motivational quotes, keep track of deadlines, or display reminders. Sometimes, just being able to keep things in order while also serving as a piece of room decor is all you need.

Get yours here for 15 bucks!

gifts for remote students

College Student Wish List:

Retro Mini-Fridge For Their Desk

College consists of late nights, a hefty workload, and LOTS of coffee and energy drinks. One of the best gifts you can give a remote college student is a mini-fridge that will fit on top of their desk. This way, they can spend less time going back and forth to the kitchen, and more time acing their classes. The retro look also adds a nice touch to any bedroom or home office. They can keep snacks, drinks, and more icy cold to enjoy.

Here is one option you can buy for $36!

Docking Station To Charge All Devices 

The world is relying on technology now more than ever. So, why not give the gift of an eternal charge! This docking station can be customized and easily stores and charges all devices. You can have the wood engraved with their initials or a motivational phrase. It looks great on a desk or side table and will ensure that the student never misplaced their tech equipment.

Find it here for $23!

gifts for remote students

Lap Desk With Storage 

College students need the freedom to work from different places around the house. Especially if they are enduring a 3-hour long Zoom lecture! This lap desk helps them make classes portable. It provides a steady surface to increase focus and even has a storage compartment to keep headphones, pens, and notebooks. Now they can work from the couch, bed, and chairs. It’s a win-win!

Sold for $40 here.

What are some top choice gifts you are giving this year? Let us know on social media!

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