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Get Paid Every Week By Working These Jobs

By: Josie Steffey
Apr 13, 2021 • 6 min read

Get Paid Every Week – Explore These Jobs!

Let’s be honest. Employees, especially hourly employees, want to get paid frequently and consistently. With a regular and frequent cash flow, it is easier to pay bills as they come in and more feasible to alleviate financial strain. A weekly payroll schedule, rather than a monthly one, is ideal for many potential job seekers out there, but they can be hard to come by with just a quick job search. Here at JobGet, we are here to help you learn about jobs that offer a weekly paycheck’s security and stability and ensure that you get paid promptly for your hard work. Want to find a job that allows you to get paid every week? Read on to find out more!

job get paid every week

Childcare Services

If you enjoy being around kids, have a flexible schedule, and can be on-call for last-minute childcare needs, then consider nannying or babysitting! Most jobs that pay weekly are independent contractor positions and depend highly on what your employer(s) are willing to accommodate. Still, childcare is a job that can offer flexibility in schedules and frequency of pay because it is largely contingent on the person or family you work for. These things can be negotiated with the employer, so weekly salaries are definitely possible, especially if you are already in good standing with your boss.

To find local families that require childcare providers, consider joining or These websites allow you to see job openings and specific details (including the needed times/days for childcare, age and number of children, and the rate per hour for the service provided) regarding the position before applying or contacting anyone. There are also nanny agencies that may be in your local area that you may reach out to, as well. They can help you get set up with a family, free from all the hassles of marketing yourself on a childcare website.

Rideshare Driver

For the person who likes to be on the go and meet new people, a rideshare driver is a great job to consider! Uber and Lyft are widely known companies that are always hiring; however, there may also be lesser-known, smaller rideshare businesses in your area that pay just as well. According to both Uber’s and Lyft’s help forums, workers get paid in weekly installments. This job is largely dependent on you – how often you want to accept drive requests, how far out you are willing to go, and how long you want to be on the clock. This job’s only requirements are ownership of a four-doored vehicle, 1+ years of experience as a licensed driver, and up-to-date auto insurance. From there, simply download the rideshare service app, submit the necessary documents, and start earning money weekly!

Please note that ridesharing is also dependent on the area that you live in. The more populated areas and larger cities will probably have more demand for rides than small towns will. Though there is a need for it almost anywhere nowadays, more rideshare opportunities are available in places with more people.

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Food Delivery

So the ridesharing job is too sociable and people-oriented for you? Not a fan of making small talk with strangers or allowing randoms in your personal vehicle? Don’t fret! If you have a registered vehicle and valid license, ridesharing isn’t the only thing you can do. Food delivery is becoming an increasingly popular job, especially with social distancing and quarantine mandates in place. Companies that are always hiring include DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and GoPuff, among many more up-and-coming businesses wanting to jump on the bandwagon. Most food deliverers are paid weekly and can make $150 to $200 a day.

This job is very similar to ridesharing in that this is a job that you dictate. You decide which deliveries you want to take, the hours you want to work, and the companies you want to work for. It is also more popular in larger cities and populated areas but is still in demand anywhere. In addition to the flexibility and salary, drivers often get paid tips, and they rarely have to speak to anyone. Just deliver the food and leave!


Waiter/waitress/bartender make the list because they do not have to work every day, get a more regulated schedule, and have more job security through a tangible establishment. This is not a position that allows you to make your own hours (usually). However, it does give you the ability to determine how customers will pay you. According to Psychology Today, customers tend to tip higher when treated with respect, friendliness, and promptness. If you are a people person and have that extra charm, consider the foodservice industry!

Though these tips make up more than half of waiters’ and waitresses’ wages, they can still come home with $150 to $200 a night. Please note that this depends on the restaurant’s policies and pay calendar. If tipped in cash, then tips normally go home with workers that night. But in an increasingly technological world, tips from a credit card may be withheld until the next pay period. Also, consider the type of restaurant that you apply for. Waiters and waitresses in the fine-dining world are far more likely to make more significant tips than a worker in casual dining would.

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Tutoring Services

For those with specialized skills or expertise in a certain subject area, tutoring jobs turn that knowledge into money! This is another job dependent on the employer, whether it is a business or an individual. Especially with the current pandemic and hybrid/virtual learning options, this job may not even require you to leave your house! Though some positions in this field may require you to have a degree, many others do not have this as a prerequisite. Among some of the popular tutoring businesses that pay weekly are TutorMe or Cambly, although other small and local tutoring agencies may offer similar compensation. If virtual teaching is not your thing, check out for nearby tutoring positions!

For most positions, there is a need for experience and a degree in the area that is being taught. Elementary and middle school writing lessons may not always require the same specialized knowledge that high school math (trigonometry, precalculus, etc.) would. Because of this, tutors that can help with SAT/ACT test preparation are likely to make more.

Keep in mind that as a tutor, you almost always have to market yourself. Even after applying with big companies, many of them still require you to build your clientele and student-base yourself. As a contracted worker, this will mean that you can set your own hours, but keep in mind that it also has to line up with school-agers schedules.


If you happen to be bilingual, your second-language skillset could make you some serious dough! Translators are almost always in high demand, and they get paid a generous average salary of $18 to $27 per hour since the need is so great. This job is flexible in terms of place and method of available opportunities. Translators can work in person and translate for an established company or an individual contractor. There are also many job openings as an online translator, especially with increased virtual meetings and online communications. Depending on the job, translators may be asked to translate verbally (listening to a conversation or dialogue between multiple participants and acting as a verbal buffer) or in written format (reading a manuscript or other document and then writing out the client’s translation).

For most translating positions, the only qualification is the knowledge of the two languages being translated. A native speaker in a language other than English would be a great fit for this position. Consider doing a local search for any translator jobs in your area on a job search engine. Usually, schools (K-12) are a good bet if you are searching for an in-person gig. As schools grow in diversity, the need for language interpreters will naturally grow along with it. If online translating sounds more up your alley, many websites are always hiring, including,,,, and

job get paid every week

Get Paid Every Week With a Transcriptionist Job

Transcribing is a great idea for anyone who wants to work at home and make a decent salary while doing so. Oftentimes, the only requirements for transcribers are quick typing skills, a working computer and keyboard, and the ability to write what is heard from the assigned audio or video file. Though this may sound simple enough, most companies either pay by the audio minute or word count, not when it takes the transcriber to complete the task. This may also require research and grammar skills, depending on how advanced the position is. Many websites offer jobs to potential transcribers and guarantee a weekly (even hourly!) payment.

Online transcribing services such as,,,,, and claim to pay weekly. Plus, most offer entry-level positions with the ability to earn bonuses. The compensation varies depending on skill level, the task assigned, and the hiring company’s start-out rates. Transcribers typically make about $15 an hour; however, more advanced employees can earn anywhere from $25 to $30, according to PayScale.

Customer Service Representative

If you are a people person and want to work from home, consider becoming a customer service representative! Depending on the company, salary may be based on commission or hours worked. Either way, the options are endless for the customer service field. Remote jobs are becoming more popular, and the demand is always high.

It is common for customer service reps to make around $14 an hour, with the potential for raises and bonuses. This position is also flexible because some companies allow employees to make their own hours, though not all customer service roles will allow this. In-person or at-home and full or part-time options are also available. This allows employees to decide where they want to work and how often.

Companies need people to tend to the business’s personable side – helping the customer and making them feel as valued as possible. In considering a customer service representative’s job, search your local area for positions or find listings on our job search engine! Unlike other jobs mentioned above, not many customer service-focused companies are always hiring. However, individual businesses and establishments will almost always require support. Just be ready to deal with the customers’ needs and prepare to have your listening ears on!

job get paid every week

Freelance Work

Freelance work encapsulates a whole array of different contracted jobs that an individual or a company may need. Writers, editors, artists, illustrators, and designers are just a few examples (and some of the most popular) of the professionals that may be needed on a consistent or one-time basis, depending on the client. Because freelance work is mainly based on the client’s demands, pay will depend on what the employee and hirer decide. So, if you can complete a certain task in a week, consider this your weekly salary! Freelance work is fantastic for working at home or remotely and maybe even more appealing in this time of the pandemic!

Make sure to have a cover letter, samples of work and projects, and a resume on hand if a client inquires about your credentials. Depending on the level of work needed, freelancers may need a degree in the area they are offering services for. However, this is not always the case. Needless to say, there are many freelancing websites that potential contractors can join to get the ball rolling! Upwork, Simply Hired, freelance (keep 100% of your earnings with this website!), Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour are among the more popular websites that freelancers can flock to for some extra cash!

Respite Care Job – Get Paid Every Week

Much like nannying, you must be a gentle and patient person for a job such as this one. Respite care is a means to provide temporary relief to the primary caregiver. This can occur in various settings, such as a personal home, a daycare center, or a residential or nursing facility. The age range for patients can significantly vary, from young children to the elderly. Depending on the individual’s needs and the employer’s rate, salary can average anywhere from $10 to $15 an hour.

This job also depends on your employer’s preferred frequency of pay, but many respite care positions pay weekly. This can also be negotiated more easily than other jobs since this is a personal service that you are providing. Respite care requires a flexible schedule, the ability to work nights and weekends, and carries the possibility of being on-call. It may also require additional training or certifications (both on and off the job) and a high school diploma. It is not uncommon to work with patients with special needs, mental disabilities, and physical limitations. If you’re up for the task, though, it is quite a rewarding role!

Finding Opportunities

Like the ones mentioned above in the Nanny/Childcare section, many childcare websites have a small section for special needs, which falls into respite care. is one website that excels in highlighting special needs/respite care jobs. Craigslist listers may also require services like this. However, it is important to do your research on the employer before committing. As many of you may already know (hopefully not from experience!) Craigslist, though it can lead to great gigs, can be a slippery slope for scamming.

If you are looking for respite care positions in your local area, consider doing a quick search on JobGet! A good way to find jobs like this is to search locally and network with nonprofits, daycares, and nursing homes to see if there is a need for supportive care. There is almost always a demand for it. So, don’t give up your search if you have a hard time coming across a job opening at first!

job get paid every week

So you see, there is a wide variety of needs and demands that could fit your skillset! Know of any other jobs that allow employees to get paid every week? Let us know in the comments below!

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