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Forecast of 2022 Job Trends

By: Mariah Rogers
Jan 6, 2022 • 4 min read

Predictions For 2022 Job Trends

This year, job-seekers will be looking for opportunities that allow their voices to be heard and that fit a post-pandemic lifestyle. Employers need to cater to the needs of candidates now more than ever before. In this article, we will explore the top predictions for job trends we expect to see in 2022!

job trends

Continuous Learning is Key

Rather than just focusing on promotions alone, job-seekers in 2022 will be looking for opportunities that can offer them continuous learning to help guide them to the next step in their career journey. While the opportunity for bonuses and competitive monetary compensation remain of high importance, the increased level of job titles and independence are at the forefront.

Outsourcing Will Rise in Popularity

Outsourcing has become wildly popular in this new age of remote work, and we predict this trend will continue. Instead of employing their own workers, many companies are hiring consultants and freelancers for project-based tasks in specialized areas. Turnover caused by the Great Resignation is allowing freelancers, contractors, and part-time employees to charge more for their work, too.

job trends

Rise in Salaries in Lower-Tier Fields of Employment

Since the start of the Pandemic, salaries have been skyrocketing upward. Low-skilled employees who are new to the workforce are making more than ever before. In order to attract top talent, employers will need to dedicate a significant amount of capital to these salaries. Retiring workers, an aging workforce, and limits on immigration will continue employes to push payment even higher.

High Demand For Goods, Service Industry Employees Needed

The demand for goods will remain high in 2022. Americans are purchasing items frequently and in large quantities, leading employers to do everything in their power to keep up with demand by employing workers to produce, transport, and sell enough goods.

Employers Will Consider Employee Feedback

More than ever before, employers will start to listen and take action on team feedback in 2022. Essential workers have been ignored in the past, but the Pandemic has shown that they are the true backbone of the economy. Since many essential workers are not able to get the same perks as remote corporate workers, their needs for a happy and productive workplace are crucial to improving employee retention.

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