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Five Ways to Have More Fun at Work

By: JobGet
Jun 16, 2020 • 3 min read

Have More Fun at Work! 

Several statistics and data have shown that a happy, fun, work environment always yields higher productivity. How often do you get bored at work? Do you get the best out of your employees as an employer? Without fun at work, employees won’t feel motivated, which will, in turn, reduce productivity. Below are some ways to create more fun at the workplace.

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Create Games

Hosting annual competitions and contests among various departments within the company helps to create fun at the workplace. As a result, you will be able to create fun and positive competitive energy within your teams. Try implementing these ideas tp encourage fun at work:

  • Mini-golf
  • Bake-off
  • Trivia
  • Card Games
  • Raffles

Community Service

Engaging in community service, where employees can do things together, can help facilitate fun and bonding. Together, you will be able to find out what specific members are passionate about and discover unique talents within the team. Doing work for a greater cause will help boost employee relationships because your staff will be working on a unique project outside of the office.

Celebrate Milestones

Celebrating a milestone often can keep employees happy and motivated. Some examples are leaderboards and prizes showing the best employees for the month. To appreciate these employees, you can offer gifts and shout-out emails to the team recognizing excellent work from individuals. As a result, employers will notice their staff becoming more confident and self-motivated. Employers should also create programs with awards because employees will be more likely to work towards achieving higher goals.

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Practice Mindfulness

Learning to stop our thoughts on command is one of the best values of accomplished leaders. These steps are among the best criteria in making critical decisions in life. Developing and engaging mindfulness practices among the team creates more fun at the workplace. Creating a monthly event where the group learns new mindfulness practices will help employee’s lives both personally and professionally. Try implementing a yoga or meditation class.

Celebrate Birthdays

How often do you celebrate these special days? Celebrating special days is seen as a great tool in building fun at work. Dedicate certain individuals to be on a “party planning committee” so that you can diversify teams within the office. You can show your team members that they are valued by sending in a handwritten card; it will make a substantial positive impact because you took the time to make them feel special. Giving the team a special treat is a beautiful way of bringing the team together and a great chance to bond with the team.

Have Conversations

Promote having conversations about projects, solutions, innovative ideas, and more. Encouraging these types of conversations will help employees bond, so that the work environment is more fun. As a result, you will find your employees having more positive interactions with each other. High-performing teams always thrive in a fun-loving environment. Positive conversations can help promote the foundation of a tight-knit community. For instance, if an employee needs future assistance, they will be more likely to brainstorm with other coworkers as a result of conversation encouragement.


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