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Feel-Good Podcasts for Professionals

By: Mariah Rogers
Sep 18, 2020 • 7 min read

Feel-Good Podcasts for Professionals

Podcasts are a great way to enhance your professional life and gain knowledge in areas that are unfamiliar to you. Listening to a podcast in your free time is a great way to fill time in your day and enjoy learning and listening simultaneously. If you are looking for a way to listen in on someone else’s expertise and personal advice, podcasts are a go-to. Professionalism is a multi-dimensional concept that molds and shapes to each individual person. Podcasts can explore hard skills, soft skills, life skills, and more. If you are looking for enjoyable, feel-good podcasts for professionals, keep reading.

podcasts for professionals

Happy Hour Podcast

Happy Hour is a podcast that is recorded by local Boston vlogger Gretchen Geraghty. She is a recent graduate from Boston University, where she majored in Business. She is an entrepreneur who has made a name for herself on YouTube, filming her vlogs, consisting of lifestyle content. Her podcast promotes positivity and motivation as she discusses her life events, innovation, and self-confidence. This is a must-listen for any female entrepreneurs looking for a spark of creativity. She speaks her inspiration and wisdom into reality through her relatable and personal life stories and business challenges she has faced in her self-made career. Now is the time to give it a listen!

Creative Conversations 

The creative conversations podcast is fantastic for anyone who is looking to spark their creative flair in their personal and professional lives. Dionne White invites guests on her podcast to hear about their entrepreneurial skills and professional tips. This is a fun, unique podcast that can help enhance your personal interests and spark new hobbies. Every week is something different, so there is always something for everyone!

Just B with Bethanny Frankel

Just B is a fantastic podcast for anyone who is interested in the ins and outs of business. Specifically, if you are fascinated by communication skills and how people work, this is the podcast for you! Not only will this podcast give you tips on how to strengthen your professional relationships, but it will also provide you with insight on how to foster your personal ones, too. Bethany communicates her wisdom with a unique sense of individuality and whit. As a result, this is an entertaining podcast.

podcasts for professionals

How To Be Awesome at Your Job 

How To Be Awesome at Your Job is a fun career-centered podcast hosted by Pete Mockaitis. If you are looking to enhance your current career and get more success out of a day’s work, listen up! Pete shares everything you need to know about how to maximize productivity and start achieving your goals. Because this is such a relatable podcast, it applies to all industries. Not only is this important for inside the office, but these self-discipline skills can be applied to any part of life. This is an upbeat and motivational podcast created for the go-getters of the workforce. If you are looking to up your game, now is the time to download this podcast!

The Goal Digger Podcast 

If you are someone who is interested in enhancing your soft-skills and marketing techniques, this is the podcast you need to listen to next! The host is an enthusiast for following your passions and leaving your stereotypical job behind. She shares secrets, tricks of the trade, and insider knowledge on how to build your brand and strengthen your startup business. It is a unique and upbeat podcast because of its specialization.

The Influencer Podcast

Julie Solomon is the host of The Influencer Podcast. She has vast experience in the business world, specifically in social media. If you are behind on the times and wondering how to get tech-savvy in order to enhance your career, give this podcast a listen! She’s got the smarts, experience, and knowledge to strain your brain in all the best ways. This podcast will help you enhance your individuality and embrace your unique charm. As a result, you will gain a competitive edge in any market you decide to enter.

podcasts for professionals

Non-profit Leadership podcast

Rob Harter shares his insight and expertise in the world of the non-profit community. Are you someone who is looking for their ideas and innovation to make a true impact? He discusses the unknown secrets of nonprofits, specialized tips, and personal stories. This is a great podcast to listen to if you are considering working for a non-profit organization. Or, starting one of your own! Because he has so much experience, it is easy to love his wisdom. If you are simply looking to learn more information about nonprofit organizations and their nature, give this a listen to fulfill your wonder.

Side Hustle School

Side Hustle School is perfect for anyone who has a talent or passion they wish to explore and possibly turn into profit. If you are in need of some time management advice or wondering how to balance a side hustle with your typical 9-5, this is the podcast for you. He gives inspiration and motivation for turning ideas into reality. Now is the time to start following your passions and earning some side cash!

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