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FedEx Delivery Jobs – What To Expect!

By: Mariah Rogers
Jan 27, 2021 • 8 min read

FedEx Delivery Jobs – What To Expect!

Since the pandemic, e-commerce has significantly skyrocketed. FedEx delivery trucks flood the streets, and many of us probably receive packages weekly, if not daily! (No shame here!) Shopping online has eliminated a lot of the stress for families who are trying to limit non-essential trips to the store. Nowadays, you can get almost anything delivered to your doorstep. From groceries to medication – delivery services have completely changed the way we shop and stock up on the essentials! They help small online businesses flourish and help transport holiday gifts for those who are choosing not to travel.

There is no doubt that delivery services have been the backbone for many businesses and consumers during the past 10 months. As a result, there is an abundance of jobs available for candidates who are looking to join this industry. In this blog, we will be exploring one of the delivery service giants, FedEx, and covering delivery jobs that you can apply for now. Label your packages and apply a stamp – let’s get started!

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Warehouse Package Handler

If you are interested in working on a team in a warehouse setting, this is a great opportunity. The fast-paced environment makes this job anything but boring. You will be responsible for handling packages that come in and out of the FedEx warehouse alongside your team. They offer both part-time and full-time positions, so there are opportunities to fit any schedule. You must be physically able to lift and load packages – this is a job that will be spent primarily on your feet! As a result, working shifts will double as a workout. You will be responsible for lifting, scanning, and carrying various sized packages. You’re a key part of what helps the entire delivery process go smoothly!

You must be at least 18 years old in order to apply for this FedEx ground position. The application process will include an interview – so be sure to sharpen your skills! Employees will be compensated hourly, and the rate depends on the location of the warehouse. Benefits will also be offered to eligible employees, and these perks go beyond standard medical and dental insurance! For example, some employees will qualify for tuition assistance, holiday pay, vacation time, and parental leave.

City Driver

If you are looking for a position that will give you the freedom, flexibility, and independence to drive and explore new places, consider becoming a FedEx City Driver! In this role, you will be responsible for transporting parcels for FedEx customers. You will be the key service that brings merchandise to families anxiously awaiting their orders. This position will require you to be comfortable driving and maintaining a tractor-trailer in order to transport large quantities of merchandise. This role may require a lot of sitting and driving, but it is a great opportunity for the right person! You can throw on a podcast or your favorite playlist and enjoy the drive.

You will also need to have effective communication skills while working this job. City drivers are responsible for communicating with customers and warehouses about information regarding the orders in transport. So, be sure to brush up on those soft skills and be ready to market this talent during the job interview!

This job will require a few special qualifications. Applicants must possess a Class A Commerical Driver’s License. If you don’t already have this license, there is no better time to earn it! This is a requirement for many delivery jobs and can give you a significant competitive advantage over other candidates. The job requires applicants to have 1-year of experience, but if you don’t, you can complete the FedEx training course instead to waive this! This position is typically open to applicants seeking full-time employment, so keep this in mind during your job search.

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Delivery Driver Position

Are you seeking a job that requires a lot of driving and customer interaction but do not have experience operating trucks or trailers? Never fear! FedEx offers Delivery Driver positions to candidates who have great time-management skills and willing to work in a fast-paced environment. This position is often offered as a gig – so it is a great way to supplement your cash flow or serve as a side-hustle for some. You will be responsible for picking up packages from delivery stations and making sure they reach their destination.

In this position, you can decide when you want to work. Simply sign onto the app and mark yourself available! This is a great opportunity for applicants who crave flexibility and freedom when it comes to their employment. You can work as much or as little as you wish! This is one of the best FedEx delivery jobs.

Retail Customer Service Associate

The process of delivering a parcel safely and efficiently through FedEx is a multi-faceted process that requires many moving parts. With hundreds of thousands of packages being delivered each day, it can be hard to keep everything organized! To keep communication operating efficiently, FedEx hires Retail Customer Service Associates to assist with any questions FedEx customers might have.

In order to be qualified for this position, applicants must possess outstanding communication skills. Associate’s will be responsible for handling complaints and questions from FedEx’s wide customer base, made up of people from all over the country. Being able to effectively find solutions for a diverse population is critical. FedEx states that while this position serves as a stable job, they encourage employees to grow! This is a great opportunity for candidates looking to advance within the company.

This position relies heavily on teamwork. So, employees must be ready to work effectively with a group of others in order to meet each and every customer need. During your interview, be sure to highlight any leadership experience you have!

fedex delivery jobs

Shuttle Driver Employee

If you are just starting out and lack substantial work experience, this is a great job for beginners! Your job will to operate a FedEx shuttle and load/unload parcels on and off of vehicles or aircraft carriers. You will also be responsible for sorting packages, so having strong organizational skills is a plus! There is no experience required for this job, so you don’t have to worry about providing an extensive resume upon application.

Applicants must also be able and willing to lift heavy packages and should be comfortable using hand tools. If you are a little uneasy about this – don’t worry! You will be working alongside a collaborative group of team members who will be more than willing to help you out.


If your talents lie in the management and supervision field, this is a great opportunity for you! Applicants must be willing to work in a loading-dock setting and must be comfortable leading and organizing employees in order to get the job done. You must have high standards of quality and efficiency and educate your subordinates to achieve the best possible results each and every day. Being able to communicate with subordinates and other employees throughout the duration of your shift is essential. Be sure to talk about your leadership skills, ability to delegate, and high expectations for quality during the interview!

In order to qualify for this role, you must have a high school diploma and be comfortable conducting basic computer tasks. You might even get the opportunity to travel for this role, which can be a huge perk for those who are interested in exploring new places! Teamwork is a must for this role. So, if you have not yet mastered your collaboration skills, now is the time to do so! This is a key point you can leverage during the interview stage of your application process.

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Do you have a talent for tech? If so, FedEx offers a wonderful position that you might be well-suited for. As a technician, you will be responsible for maintaining the transportation vehicles that carry parcels to warehouses, customers, and retailers. You must have a knack for problem-solving and be able to arrive at solutions in a reasonable amount of time. Drivers and other employees will rely on you for ensuring that the vehicles they operate are safe and regulated.

In order to qualify for this position, you must have a high school diploma and 1-year of technical experience. If you do not have the required experience, you can complete the FedEx training course to bypass this step. This is one of the unique opportunities FedEx offers to make their positions more accessible to a wide range of applicants.

Road Driver Apprentice

FedEx is dedicated to the growth of its employees throughout their time with the company. As a Road Driver Apprentice, you will learn valuable skills to help you gain independence in the company and flourish independently. In this position, you will gain experience operating a tractor-trailer. You will also learn to safely use other machinery, such as a forklift. Not only will this help you gain technical experience, but you will have the opportunity to collaborate with employees from a variety of departments. This will help you to strengthen and broaden your communication skills and learn to effectively problem-solve within the warehouse space.

You do not have to possess a Class A Commercial Driver’s License, but you must obtain the commercial learning permit certification in order to qualify for this role. Other than that, as long as you are willing to drive for long periods of time and have basic math skills, you are the perfect candidate!

FedEx Delivery Jobs – Summary

There is a wide variety of FedEx delivery jobs available to hopeful applicants who want to help make a difference in this industry. This list does not include all of the possible options! There are many more positions available depending on your location, qualifications, and interests. The opportunities are endless at this delivery giant!

Have you ever worked a FedEx Delivery job? If so, let us know in the comments down below! We would love to hear from you.

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