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Detach From Work While WFH

By: JobGet
Jul 14, 2020 • 3 min read

How to switch off from work when you work from home 

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the corporate world in various ways causing many to lose their employment. For those who still work, many have had to make adjustments, the most drastic of which has been working from home. While you are still fortunate to still have a job, working from home is still quite challenging. Having to work, rest, and play within the same space can take its toll. Getting into work mode can be a chore. For many people, getting out of it and switching off for the day is the challenging part. Here is how to detach from work while WFH.

detach from work

Have a dedicated workspace

Depending on how much space you can spare in your home, having a dedicated workspace is a great idea. This can be anything from a work desk in the corner or a home office. This way, when you are done for the day, you simply leave that space and get back into the “home” mood. But even if you live in your compact space and you have to settle for working from your couch or bed, leaving your workspace can be as simple as picking up your laptop when you are done for the day and keeping it out of sight. This is an excellent visual signal that tells your brain work is over. 

Change your clothes

Since working from home became the new norm, many people now take the liberty of simply working with their sleepwear on. When you do this, you are blurring the line between work and home time. A simple trick is to put on some form of work clothes then change back into regular home wear when you are done. Your work clothes don’t have to be anything fancy. But the feeling of changing out of it can help you switch off from work.

Switch off notifications on your devices

Even when you have to work from home, you should still get a stipulated work hour. Once you are done for the day, you are free to switch off your devices or simply turn off notifications. If it is allowed, log out from company chat rooms and any team collaboration platforms you might be on until it is time to resume work again. 

detach from work

Have a routine

What next after work? If you can answer this question, then moving on to other chores and activities after work hours should be easy. Plan your day and decide on what you want to do next after logging off. 

Go out

Sometimes, the solution might be to simply leave work and go out. Of course, given the situation of things, you may not be able to go visit a friend or hit the bar. But a simple stroll to outside your home can be the distraction you need to take your mind off work. Even during regular work hours, you can schedule short breaks in-between your work to help you relax. This way, your day isn’t one monotonous heap of work. 

Working from home sure has its perks. But one of the biggest hassles is how blurry the lines between work and play can get. Learning to keep both aspects of your life separate is crucial for maintaining productivity and performance. What are your tips for detaching from work? Tweet us and share! For more helpful content, check out our blog. 

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