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Curious About JobGet? Read Our Reviews!

By: Caroline Forrest
Dec 15, 2020 • 4 min read

Curious about how JobGet works, and who uses it?

Take a look at some of our reviews!

We know that it can be difficult to start using a new and different platform when it comes to technology. To help you learn about JobGet’s reliability, speed, and trustworthiness, look at some of our users’ reviews!

Reviews From Employers Who Use JobGet:

“We made 5-10 new hires per week, [resulting in a] 50% reduction in hiring time. Having my managers involved on the app setting up interviews and meeting candidates has helped us get more hires and allowed me to focus more on the administrative aspects of my job.”

– Expressions Hiring Manager

“JobGet allows us to cut through all of that logistic delay, and get to contact, assessment, and offer very quickly. We got 17 candidates within the first 12 hours, and we converted a very high percentage of those candidates to hires. and the percentage…was 10x what was our usual process, and that was very compelling for me.”

– Greg Donohue, COO, Clover Food Lab

Reviews From Job Seekers Who Found a Job with JobGet:

“My sister told me about JobGet. It’s been hard for me to find a job lately, so she told me that I should download JobGet. Her boyfriend just downloaded it, and he already has five interviews coming up. So, I made a profile and an hour later somebody messaged me! It was the manager of the Holiday Inn. He asked if I would be interested in working there…I was like, ‘this has to be a joke.’ On other sites, I would submit an application and never hear anything back. With JobGet, I signed up and got an interview that same day. It was so quick. I went for the interview, and the next day I got hired. I got a job in two days… It was exciting.”

– JobGet Job Seeker (JobGet Testimonials)

“When I first got onto the platform, I just applied for every job that I could. Overall I would say that the process was pretty quick. It was a good experience. And they got back to me to within 48 hours.”

– JobGet Job Seeker (JobGet Testimonials)

“Actually, a friend recommended me to JobGet. She said it was easy and simple. Just set up a profile, start one-click applying for jobs, and when employers get back to you, just respond as soon as possible… and that’s what happened. After my interview, I got a job in the next business day.”

– JobGet Job Seeker (JobGet Testimonials)

“A lot of jobs were slow to contact me back, so I downloaded JobGet and started applying for random jobs just to test it out. Then, I started to see that jobs were consistently hitting me back up, and after that, I fell in love with the app.”

– JobGet Job Seeker (JobGet Testimonials)

Careers with JobGet:

“I’ve never felt more valued as an employee in any other workplace, quite like this one. The managers and co-founders all want to see you succeed in your role, and they take the time to make sure you’re doing so or let you know how to improve. I can count on my team to check in frequently despite being remote, and we all have very candid relationships where we can openly express the highs and lows of each week, discuss how we can do better, and highlight things going right that we can all replicate. Management never micromanages and allows us to try and introduce new methods to promote growth. There is so much opportunity to achieve bonuses and grow within the company. They are very generous! Our team is super diverse when it comes to identity, background, education, etc.”

– Former Employee Review (Glassdoor.com)

“Flexible work schedule, opportunities for autonomy, independent projects, and personal growth. I’ve learned more about so many different areas, including finance, marketing, data analytics, and much much more in the time that I’ve worked here than my last 3 jobs combined. Fun-loving, extremely hard-working family of entrepreneurs. This company is going to go far, and I’m excited to be a part of this team.”

– Current Employee Review (Glassdoor.com)

“When they say you can’t find family at work, they are wrong! JobGet has become my second family, and I hope it stays that way.”

– Current Employee Review (Testimonial)


We hope that these JobGet reviews help you learn a little more about the time and attention we have put into our product. If you have more questions about how JobGet works, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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