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COVID Precautions You Might Be Forgetting

By: Caroline Forrest
Feb 25, 2021 • 4 min read

COVID Precautions Can Keep You Healthy

More than 365 days later, COVID is NOT a thing of the past. Even though we are not out of the woods yet, there are still ways you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy, in the office or at home! From getting a good night of sleep to eating healthy food, there are so many ways that you can strengthen your immune system and make sure your body is healthy. Here are some COVID precautions that you might have forgotten about. Stay safe and healthy!

Vitamins and Supplements

While there are no vitamins or supplements that can prevent COVID, you can absolutely boost your immune system and overall health. A recent study found that 80% of COVID patients were vitamin D deficient. Vitamins and supplements will not protect you from COVID. However, by strengthening your immune system overall, you may be at less of a risk for severe COVID symptoms if you are diagnosed. Here are some of the vitamins that have been shown to help boost your immune system (and are awesome COVID precautions!)

  • Vitamin D (specifically Vitamin D3)
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Melatonin – this one is great! It can help you sleep (see our next paragraph!), but it has also been shown to reduce inflammation which can help your body prevent severe cases of COVID.

High-Quality Sleep

Your sleep is so important to your health! If you are not getting an adequate amount of sleep each night, try optimizing your sleep routine by sticking to a schedule. There are so many ways to increase your sleep quality. You should make sure that you stay off of all your screens a few hours before bedtime. That means no phones, computers, or tv! Try reading or meditating before you go to sleep instead. Getting high-quality sleep will help your immune system support itself against COVID, as well as any other illnesses.

Advocate for Remote Work

If you are working in an office or traveling for work, try talking to your supervisor about working remotely. If you work in a restaurant or store, of course, this might not be an option for you. However, if you are working at a desk or on a computer, you can help prevent the spread of COVID by taking the precaution of working from home! Advocate for working remotely by demonstrating that you can do just as much, if not more, work as you do in the office. Towards the beginning of the pandemic, some large corporations decided to remove office work altogether and implement strategies for their employees to work from home. If they can do it, so can you!

Wearing Your Mask (or Two!)

Masks protect people from COVID by providing a barrier between the tiny droplets that could carry the COVID infection and preventing them from reaching another person.  Hopefully, you haven’t forgotten this COVID precaution!  Wearing your mask helps to prevent spreading COVID to others and prevents you from contracting it yourself. It is the single most effective and easiest way to prevent COVID. You can even wear more than one mask, a tightly fitting one, and a more comfortable one on top to double up your safety!

Wash Away the Germs

Sanitize your hands by washing them regularly throughout the day, and sanitize them with at least 60% alcohol when you can’t get to a sink. Carry hand sanitizer with you whenever you have to leave the house. If you are running low on your hand sanitizer stock, you can even make your own! Any product with 60% or higher alcohol levels (rubbing alcohol is a great option and affordable at your local pharmacy) should be the base of your hand sanitizer. Then you can add a little bit of aloe vera gel, fragrance, or anything else that you want to add in! Make sure you look up any ingredients before using them so that you know they are safe.

Food and Drinks

Your food and water intake is another important way you can protect your health. Although there are no foods that would prevent COVID, you can definitely improve your overall health and strengthen your immune system by ensuring that you eat healthy, regular meals and snacks and drink lots of water! People who smoke regularly are at a much higher risk for contracting COVID, so make sure to avoid these activities. Whatever your typical diet looks like, ensure to incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid highly processed food when you can. The food we eat has a high impact on our health – there are even foods that can help boost your productivity!

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