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May 5, 2020 • 7 min read

Cover Letters are Tough. We’ve made them easy!

A cover letter is one of the most essential parts of a job application. Most applications require that you submit one, but some don’t. If you have not written one yet, chances are, you will likely need to at some point. Therefore, you have to learn how to craft a captivating, unique cover letter. Beyond letting your resume speak for itself, a cover letter is a simple way to allow a prospective employer to get to know you and convince them why you should be given the position. This post will help you create a cover letter template and get you on your way to getting that job. Here are some simple tips for putting together cover letters that win.

cover letter template

New Application? New Cover Letter

While it may seem more straightforward to simply change the name of a company and the position on a cover letter you wrote for a previous application, this is not recommended. Most employers want to see your enthusiasm about the job you are applying for, and writing a custom cover letter is a better way to get this done than re-wording a previous one. Of course, you can use a cover letter template and recycle some vital phrases and sentences. Don’t send the same cover letter for every role you apply to.

Instead of re-writing a new cover letter for each application, try to create a template that you can use to quickly and efficiently cultivate a new letter every time. Here are the essentials.

Personal Information (Name, contact information, education.)

Introduction (What job and what company are you applying for? How did you find it?)

Details (All skills, qualifications, and experience you bring to the position. Also, what do you hope to gain from the job?)

Summarize (Final paragraph on your key points, and your last chance to stand out to the employer.)

And, to make it even easier, you can use our free template here.

Write a killer opening

You want your cover letter to grab the employer’s attention and engage them instantly. This is why the opening paragraph is an essential one, despite how short it is. Don’t bore your prospective employer with details about yourself that are clearly visible on your resume. You can start with a snappy introductory sentence that introduces you, declare your excitement for the role you are applying for, and your passion for what you do.

Example: I’m thrilled to submit my application for this job at your company. I haven’t seen a job that I was this excited to apply for in a long time. 

cover letter template

Go beyond your resume

Again, it is important to emphasize that your cover letter isn’t an opportunity to regurgitate your resume’s contents. So don’t go about repeating your roles and responsibilities in your previous companies. Instead, expand your resume with the cover letter by talking about your experiences and your accomplishments. Show your prospective employer these would make you the perfect fit for the new role you are seeking.

You can throw in some statistics as well. Employers love numbers, and it would make your resume stand out. You can talk about how your work increased sales, how you made a process more efficient, etc. You can use feedback and testimonials from people at your previous job to illustrate how valuable an asset you can be.

Showcase your skills

Going back to your cover letter’s second section, you have to know the right skills to showcase. This is why even if you use a cover letter template, each one must be tailored to the specific job application. Typically, the job description will highlight the requirements that are most important for the position. This should be your guide. A common mistake many applicants make in writing resumes is apologizing for lack of skill or missing experience. Rather than focus on your weakness, try to emphasize your transferable skills and strength.

cover letter template

Final Tips

Keep your cover letter as precise and straightforward as possible. Clear, concise language is what employers are looking for. Don’t try to make it too fancy.

Always double check spelling and grammar. If you have a mistake in your cover letter, you might risk having it tossed out by an employer.

Save your cover letter template named ‘template’ to know it is your master document. Then you can save other iterations for each application.

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