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Comfy Clothes That Can Pass on a Zoom Call

By: Mariah Rogers
Feb 23, 2021 • 6 min read

Comfy Clothes That Can Still Pass on a Zoom Call – For The WFH Professional.

If the past 11 months have allowed us to appreciate anything, it would be comfy clothes 24/7. If you’ve had the luxury of working from home throughout the pandemic, you know the feeling! It is now second nature to wear sweats when working from home, and if you have simply lost track of where your blazers and dress pants have gone, you’re not alone.

Now that some companies are welcoming their employees back into the office, either full or part-time, you might begin to notice fully-dressed and professional colleagues dialing in from the office building. While they are dressed to impress and have a quiet yet productive office showcased in the background, that hoodie and pile of laundry in the corner of your screen isn’t going to cut it! However, since you are still working from home, you shouldn’t have to give up all of your comforts. In this blog, we will explore comfy clothes that can still pass on a Zoom call, so you can be cozy yet professional.

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Business on The Top, Party on The Bottom

Fake it till you make it! Since Zoom calls typically only capture your shoulders up, you have the freedom of still wearing your favorite sweatpants and loungewear even while working. It might seem silly to wear a dress shirt on top with your fuzzy pajama pants, but this gives you the best of both worlds! Allow yourself to invest in super soft, cozy, and breathable pants so that when you have to get yourself together for a Zoom call, you won’t be entirely uncomfortable.

Everyone has their own style preferences when it comes to choosing comfy clothes and houseware. However, we’ve linked a few of our favorites below for anyone who is looking to add to their collection!

For The WFH Gal

Simple, Breathable Lounge Pants – $17.99 at Target 

These are a great option for anyone who wants to avoid pants that can feel too constricting or leads to overheating. Simple, breathable, striped lounge pants like these should be a staple in anyone’s pajama drawer!

Plush, Fluffy Lounge Pants – $22.99 at Walmart

If you live in a colder climate and appreciate thick and fluffy lounge pants, here is the pair for you! These are sure to keep you toasty and warm during a long Zoom call, and they come in a variety of colors to choose from!

Fleece Loungewear Set – $57.80 at Macy’s

Don’t let the price tag scare you. This set comes with both pants and a top. So, you can throw on the matching button-up right after you hit the “leave meeting” button! The pants and top are a fleece material, perfect for someone who wants a cozy feel without overheating from thick, plush fabric. This set comes in many different colors, so there is something for everyone!

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For The WFH Guy

Men’s Plaid Flannel Sleep Pants – $39.99 at L.L. Bean 

Every guy needs an ultra-cozy pair of plaid flannel pajama pants. Bonus points if they are from L.L. Bean! This company is known for its high-quality products and sustainable mission. These pants come in a variety of patterns and styles, so you can switch things up daily!

Men’s Jogger Pajama Pants – $19.99 at Target

When in doubt, Hanes is always there to rescue you from discomfort and stiffness. They have affordable prices and high-quality pieces for maximum comfort. If jogger-style pants are what you prefer when working from home, these are the perfect pair for you!

Comfort Knit Lounge Shorts – $39.99 at Lands’ End 

If you live in a warmer climate but still want to be cozy during the workday, we have a solution! Lands’ End offers men’s knit lounge shorts that are perfect for a day of hustling at home.

Professionalism From The Shoulders Up!

When attending a Zoom call, you’ll want to focus your professionalism from the shoulders up! This means wearing a comfortable yet presentable top, doing your hair, and looking well-rested and fresh for your meeting. Once you get into a routine, preparing yourself for a camera-on meeting will be a breeze. This will involve updating your wardrobe to align with your new work from home lifestyle and preferences while allocating time to get yourself ready before your meeting.

Getting yourself ready for a meeting where cameras are a requirement means that you’ll need to put some extra effort into your appearance! This doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, and it shouldn’t take very much time to accomplish. Take the time to do your hair beforehand. Brush it out or pin it up with a clip or in a bun! For the guys, a little hair gel can go a long way in perfecting your appearance. Go for a clean and fresh look!

You can also feel free to accessorize. This will add an extra element of professionalism to your Zoom image. Adding a subtle yet sparkly pair of earrings or necklace can elevate your style and add something special to your outfit. Don’t underestimate the power of clip-on ties, either! These were practically made for Zoom calls. (We won’t spill your secret!)

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Rich Jewel-Tones Are a Must!

If you use a virtual background during Zoom conferences that require you to turn on your camera, you’ll want to pay extra attention to the color of your top. If you haven’t experimented with wearing different colors, or if you typically have your camera off, this tip is for you! Virtual backgrounds are a great way to blur your background and add an extra element of professionalism when working from home. However, the color of your clothes can make or break your presence in a Zoom call. This is because if you wear a neutral-colored top, your virtual background might project over your clothing.

This can lead to an awkward entrance into the meeting. After all, with your clothing being combined with your virtual background, only your head will appear on the screen! This can be distracting, especially if you are attending a large or important company-wide meeting. So, try to choose clothing that is rich in color. Jewel-toned clothing will be best! Aim for deep reds, greens, purples, and blues. Not only will this make your image appear sharper, but jewel-tones evoke a variety of emotions, too! Check out how psychology influences color when reaching for a meeting top.

Comfy Clothes With Professional Textures

When working from home, you want your top to be comfortable yet professional. Since you are already able to wear sweatpants, you might have to budge when it comes to finishing off your look! Silky material is breathable and comfortable, even during long conferences. You can even choose pieces with fun and unique necklines to spice up your wardrobe! Remember, all the viewers will be able to see if your image from the shoulders up!

Tops For Gals

Tie Blouse in Dark Green Python – $58.00 at For All Mankind

This top is a comfy silk texture with a fun neckline. The jewel-toned green is perfect for any occasion – virtual backgrounds are no match for this blouse!

Carefree Poplin Shirt in True Royal – $15.98 Port Authority

Any top that is called “royal” is a must-have! This is a casual and classic top that is great for Zoom calls and conferences.

Cuffed Sleeve Tunic – $24.00 at Liam and Co.

If you’re looking for a short-sleeve top for calls in warmer climates, here you go! This cuffed short sleeve is casual enough for day to day yet can be dressed up for an emergency Zoom call with your boss.

Tops For Guys

Men’s Deep Forest Green Long Sleeve – $20.78 at Port Authority

Forest green goes well with any virtual Zoom call background. Stand out and stay comfortable!

Untucked Slim-Fit Super Soft Shirt – $51.99 at Banana Republic 

Try saying the name of this top ten times fast! While this shirt might not be suitable for the office, it can definitely pass on a Zoom call. In a rich, blue color, this shirt provides an element of elegance while still maintaining a relaxed fit.

Performance Poplin Shirt – $29.00 at GAP

If you’re going for a plaid-style shirt with a comfortable fit that can be worn in a Zoom meeting or out and about, we’ve found the one! GAP offers a variety of men’s work styles that are perfect for revamping your wardrobe this year.

What are your must-have comfy clothes you would recommend for Zoom calls? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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