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College Essay Topics – Get Creative!

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 5, 2021 • 5 min read

College Essay Topics to Showcase Your Creativity.

If you are planning on applying to college, many Admission Offices will likely require an essay to supplement your transcript and interview. This is the writing assignment most applicants dread sitting down to write. It’s easy to get caught up in a cliché and choose a topic that seems safe and recruiter-friendly. However, this is not always the best way to set yourself apart and help your application stand out. Your college essay should be a document that represents the unique and creative individual that you are! In this article, we will explore some of the best college essay topics you can use to showcase your individuality.

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Your Self-Confidence Journey

At one point or another, everyone has had to build up their self-esteem. This might have been outgrowing your awkward middle school phase, moving to a new town, or trying a unique hobby such as horseback riding or the arts. Everyone’s self-confidence journey is different. The important thing is that you found a way to believe in yourself and embrace the challenge of change!

When writing your college essay about this topic, you’ll be able to frame it as a self-reflection and problem-solving piece. These are two skills colleges are hungry for when seeking applicants for their incoming class. Be sure to outline where you started, what motivated you to face this challenge, and how you reflect back on the situation now. When it comes to this college essay topic, everyone’s responses will be different – so this is a sure way to set yourself apart!

A Specific Cause You Are Passionate About

Many of us have participated in supporting causes that mean the world to us. It’s always important to stand up for what you believe in and make your voice heard! So, why not share your drive with the recruiter in your college essay? Recruiters want to accept applicants who are passionate, persistent, and enjoy getting involved in their communities.

You can choose a cause or organization that you were involved with during Girl Scouts, community service projects, or in your personal time. Organizations that stand for causes such as animal rights, arts education, or even disease research are all great choices.

When crafting your essay, feel free to talk about how you got involved in the organization and why. You can discuss the challenges and joys you faced while participating in this group. Also, you can touch on lessons you learned, people you have met, or new doors this opportunity has opened for you.

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Your Favorite Childhood Memory

Going to college is a huge step in becoming an independent adult. You might be moving out of your childhood home, living away from your parents, and preparing to advance your career through higher education. All the while, you’ll be leaving your childhood behind and likely reflecting on past memories during graduation parties, family events, and high school ceremonies.

So, why not write about these emotions you are feeling and what you’re going through! This is a great way to process the change you are facing and express your excitement for the next chapter of your life. You can discuss joys, fears, challenges, and what you hope to do in order to make the next four years the best they can be.

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Your Role Models / Mentor

Who have been role models in your life over the last 17-18 years? This can be anyone you know personally or hope to meet one day! You likely have a few mentors in your life you can talk about for this prompt. Try to pick one and elaborate on your relationship with this person fully. You can choose an activist, family member, teacher, coach, or anyone who has influenced you in a positive way.

In your essay, you should dive in deep and describe what makes this person so important in your life. How do they serve as a positive role model for you? What have you learned from them, and how have you implemented these habits into your personal life? How will you take these lessons to college and help spread this positivity on campus? These are all questions you can entertain in your college essay.

Which one of these prompts will you choose to write about for your college essay? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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