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Can You Turn Your Hobby Into a Job?

By: Edwin Chae
Jun 22, 2020 • 2 min read

Can my hobby turn into a job?

Although some people are lucky enough to fall in love with their work, many others have entered a career due to necessity and convenience. When you are not utterly obsessed with your career, loving your job is a difficult achievement. So how do you make the most of your time and truly enjoy your work? One idea is to turn your hobby into your job. Changing your hobby from part-time enjoyment to a full-time career, while getting paid, is not easy. In fact, this requires planning, dedication, and the correct attitude. We can help!


Some people say that now is the best time to do anything, but turning your hobby into a job requires the perfect timeline, dedication, and planning. Work out the time frame needed to get up and running and consider your personal life. Set a timeframe for yourself – how do you want to transition from your current role? Will you need to stay in your current position for a few months to get your hobby off the ground? How much money do you need to save up before you leave your full-time job? Asking these essential questions is critical before you jump into this venture. Make sure you transition correctly.


The majority of people work to pay the bills. Although money is not a top priority for some people, the rest of us must find a way to make a living. Consider the financial aspects of turning your hobby into a job. You may need to meet with financial advisors, accountants, mentors, and even family members to better understand your options, risks, and business growth potential. Ensure you have a back-up plan (or a few) if things don’t work out the way you want them to!


Of course, we all like to daydream when it comes to our beloved pastimes. Taking action to turn your dreams into reality requires enormous perseverance every day. Write down all the things you need to do to simply start a part-time job and check your endurance from there. Turning a hobby into a full-time job is not going to be an easy task. You will likely not succeed the first time you give it a shot, and it may take more time than you anticipate. Persistence and dedication will be critical in this adventure!


Your friends, family members, other important people in your life, and even your children will have their own opinions and suggestions about your work. Whether it is positive or negative feedback, take it all into consideration! Open yourself to constructive criticism, and you will grow from it.


This is the most important question when thinking about your career path. You may like to watercolor the occasional works to add to your art collection or to give to friends, but when you paint, market, and try to make money every day within a limited time, will you still like painting? Sometimes, turning your hobby into a job can eliminate the entertainment, passion, and relaxation of what you once loved. Take some time to explore the feeling of spending hours every day or the entire weekend to ensure that your hobby stills holds the passion when it becomes your job.

Sell Yourself

No strong business ever got to where they are without impeccable marketing skills. If you don’t have experience in marketing, this may not be the top item on your to-do list. Fortunately, with the right tools and attitudes, you can learn how to market yourself and your business. There are tons of resources available for free that can help you learn how to succeed. Lay a foundation for marketing by building a platform using free or low-cost websites and growing your business on relevant social media channels.


The exciting prospect of turning your hobby into a job may not go exactly as you plan it. However, you’re the boss! You can go at your own pace. Consider switching to part-time for your current role, while taking the rest of the time to dedicate to your hobby. This may mean engaging in freelance writing activities to increase your resume and portfolio, or leaving 15 hours a week to perfect cake recipes and build a customer base.

Another alternative that you could think about is jumping into this venture with another person! Perhaps you have a friend or colleague who has the same passion and hobby that you do. Join ranks and ensure you have a stable support system for turning your hobby into a job!


What are your hobbies? How could you turn them into a job? We’d love to hear about it!


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