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Building Trust with Coworkers

By: JobGet
Jul 16, 2020 • 3 min read

How To Build Trust with Coworkers

What is the core of any professional relationship? In a word: trust. Not only to build your own reputation, but also to build a strong network of contacts, which will help you throughout your career. Needless to say: no one is responsible for the company’s success. This is the effort of the team.  The problem? There is almost no trust in the room. Conversely, employees who trust colleagues and leadership skills are more likely to be open, honest, compassionate, collaborative, and constructive. All of these can improve innovation and productivity. Follow the tips below to build trust with colleagues, subordinates, and superiors.

building trust

Sharing Information

Being seen by colleagues as a team player can build trust, but you must take steps to shape your image. Suppose you participated in an industry conference. Share what you have learned with others, instead of only using it to benefit yourself. This can help establish the credibility within the team. If your goal is to help colleagues and colleagues develop and succeed, then you will build trust. 


Leaders want people who often exceed their expectations-this means that you have to do excellent work day after day. No one on the team can doubt whether you want to deliver. You must be trusted not only to do well, but to deliver results on time. Not only must your performance be consistent, but your mood should also be constant. Your boss needs to know that they can rely on you no matter what. 

building trust

Non-verbal Communication

Your body language can help you build trust with your colleagues, but if you are not careful, your efforts can also be compromised. Studies have shown that poor posture or crossed arms can make people inaccessible. Instead, making eye contact and nodding your interest can help build trust. Create a warm atmosphere for others and let them approach you without hesitation. Opening up to your colleagues will make them feel invited to share ideas and feedback with you.

Positive Criticism

If you manage others, one of your jobs is to help your direct report growth by acquiring new skills and improving the skills they already have. However, to do this, you must regularly provide them with honest feedback (a combination of praise and constructive criticism). Performance evaluation is another opportunity for you to directly report on building trust. People trust leaders who make them feel valued. By asking what your employees can do to better support their work, you can not only consolidate a good working relationship, but also increase their engagement.

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