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Build Your Personal Brand At Work

By: JobGet
Jun 3, 2020 • 3 min read

Building Your Personal Brand 

When you hear branding, a product, company, or corporate entity probably comes to mind. Branding is about how something is perceived and recognized, which can also be applied to individuals. There is a way your colleagues and employers perceive you. The better this perception, the more successful and less-dispensible you will be at your workplace. Building your personal brand will also help you attract the right opportunities and push you in the best direction for your career. 

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You Already Have a Personal Brand

Everyone has a personal brand. You might not have been intentional about building an image in the past, but it is always there by default. The way you do your work, your communication skills, ability to work with a team, or meeting target sets a defined brand in the mind of your colleagues. As you can see, your personal brand defines you, which is why you need to work on building it. 

Understand How People See You

The first step of personal branding is to understand your current brand. By default, there is a way colleagues, managers, and others at your workplace already see you. Here’s where taking personal feedback from people around you will be of help. Ask your managers and colleagues for their honest opinion about your work ethic, communication skills, and overall personality in the workplace. 

Know What You Want For Yourself

 You cannot build a brand for yourself if you don’t have a vivid image of your personal goals. Do you want to be the employee that solves problems effectively, or you want to be the person who builds bridges among various segments of your workplace? It’s all about finding a niche for yourself that will fit your skills and align with your passions. 

Be Intentional About Building Your Brand

Once you have decided on who you want to be, you should focus on building it. Ensure you pay attention to your interaction with others, and maintain the path to building the brand of your choice. Design your communication and activities to align with the image you want people to see. You can even have a personal mantra on which your actions and behavior are built. This can be similar to a personal mission statement. Ensure that you apply these goals on your journey to achieving a great personal brand. 

Embrace Opportunities 

One way to build your own brand is to embrace activities, roles, or projects that will foster growth towards your desired image. Since you have a picture of what you desire; you should seek jobs or roles that align with your desired image. 

Share Your Thoughts

Always be willing to share your thoughts with the people around you. This should be done regardless of your personality, whether extrovert or introvert. Occasionally, take time to talk to some of your colleagues, manager, or project supervisor about the idea you have to help the project or company at large. This can help you build confidence and establish your brand with others in the workplace. 

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Create a Network

Sometimes brands are built by association. If you move with the right people, you will be identified with the circle. Take time to intentionally network with professionals whose goals align with yours. 

Whether you are working on building a brand from scratch or you are looking to boost people’s perception of you, you can get there through a combination of decisive action and intentional decision making towards the goal you have in mind. What are your personal goals? Tweet us and share! For more helpful content, check out our blog. 


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