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Blaze Pizza – How To Apply & Why!

By: Mariah Rogers
Jan 19, 2021 • 6 min read

Do You Have The Speed to Succeed? Let’s Talk About Blaze Pizza.

If you are an advocate for grabbing a quick bite to eat, you’ve likely heard of the popular (and speedy) pizza chain Blaze Pizza! Their slogan “Fast – Fire’d” is no joke. Customers get to choose their pizza toppings, customize their pie just the way they like it, and have their order prepared in minutes. Blaze Pizza uses an ultra-hot oven dome to keep things quick. So, this is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite on your lunch break or in-between shifts.

Blaze Pizza prides itself on having incredible values, caring employees, and a knack for delicious food. They value being kind to the environment, giving back to the community, and offering employees a competitive salary and bonus offer. If you are considering applying for a job at one of their locations – you definitely should! In this blog, we will examine the perks of working at Blaze Pizza and the requirements you’ll need to get hired.

blaze pizza

Company Values & Beliefs

If you want to work for a company that has a holistic and well-rounded approach to fast-food, take a look at Blaze Pizza’s core mission! If your beliefs align with this statement below, you just might be the perfect fit.

On their company website, they state: “We believe that each of us can benefit from making smarter decisions about what’s in our food, how we treat each other, and how we protect this wonderful planet we all share.”

Blaze Pizza is highly committed to creating an eco-friendly business, establishing a positive community outlook, and providing yummy pizza in minutes. Their mission statement touches on their dedication to being kind to the environment. If this is something you also try to practice in your own life, you will be a great fit for this company! They package all of their food in eco-friendly packaging made from recyclable, compostable, or post-consumer reclaimed materials. Even their utensils are biodegradable! Can your pizza box do that?!

Fresh Ingredients = All Hands on Deck!

Do you enjoy cooking and handling fresh products to make customized orders? If so, you will be a perfect candidate for a team member position at Blaze! Their pizza dough is made in-house every day, and toppings are prepared and used per each individual order.

You’ll get to interact with customers and create their one-of-a-kind creations. On top of pizza, they also serve breads, salads, and of course, dessert! So, you’ll be handling a variety of different products, not just Pizza.

They also are committed to using animal products from humane farms, for an all-around continuous approach.

blaze pizza

A Job That Pays

Blaze Pizza also offers competitive pay to employees, especially those who climb the company ladder and take on more responsibility as they gain experience. Crew Members make an average of $14.46 per hour, while Restaurant Staff make an average of $16.10. 

Entry-level positions include Team Member and Cook – once you gain experience in these areas, you might be considered for a promotion to Shift Leader!

Restaurant Managers make an average of $47,434 per year, while General Managers cash in around $50,741! So, you can be sure that your hard work will be compensated for. Plus – there is always room to grow within the company.

Employee Reviews

Of course, we took it upon ourselves to research employee satisfaction rates at Blaze Pizza, so you can get a general idea of what the culture is like working there.

Overall, Blaze Pizza ranks highly in almost all categories, including work-life balance, pay & benefits, job security, and culture. Employees report enjoying the opportunity to learn a variety of skills—for example, cooking, efficiency, how to train, and organization techniques.

Employees also report having fun with the made-to-order approach Blaze Pizza takes. Accommodating to specific orders from customers keeps the job exciting and unique.

blaze pizza

Requirements For Candidates – It’s All About The Resume!

To work at Blaze Pizza, you must be at least 16 years old to join the team. Once you have found a Blaze location in your area – simply submit your resume to the hiring manager! Make sure to customize your application materials to match the position you are applying for. To increase your chances of being called in for an interview – submit a cover letter along with the rest of your application! This will show your overall commitment to the job and notify the recruiter of your interest.

Since crafting resumes is our specialty – feel free to check out this resume builder blog to help you out!

Employee Benefits – More Than Just The Salary

When hunting for your next career opportunity, it’s important to take a look at the employee benefits offered by your company, not just the salary alone. You want to find a career that has a holistic approach to compensating its employees!

Full-time and part-time employees will get to enjoy generous discounts on all of the yummy products Blaze has to offer. Employees also will be compensated with:

  • 401k Retirement Plan
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Bonuses based on Performance
  • Paid Time Off

Interested in learning more about retirement plans or PTO? We’ve got you!

These benefits in combination with the salary offered by Blaze, make this company a great place to work for if you are looking for a well-rounded career. You’ll get to strengthen your customer-service skills, perfect your food creation techniques, and work for an incredible company!

Have you ever thought about working at Blaze Pizza? What do you think of this fast-food approach to delicious, customizable, and high-quality pie? Let us know in the comments!

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