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5 of the Best Hiring Practices Recruiters Should Exercise

By: Mariah Rogers
Oct 15, 2021 • 2 min read

As the demand for new jobs rises again, the most challenging part for the recruitment team is acquiring the right people despite the competition they might have ongoing against other companies. Although the hiring process is different for all companies, there are a few things recruiters can do to make the process more seamless and better for the company’s image and the applicants.

1. Plan Ahead

Planning is a crucial step in almost every industry. But for recruitment specialists, the planning stage revolves around the strategies on how to get applicants onboard. Instead, they should also consider other factors, such as the recruiting channels used.

Keep in mind that the recruitment process should be a seamless experience for the applicants. If your time is valuable, their time is valuable as well. Therefore, consider the things it takes to shorten the application period.

2. Help Define the Role

From an applicant’s perspective, signing up for a job role you have no idea about seems like a gamble. Sometimes, even if the position is stated on the job posting, it is still unclear and undecipherable. Therefore, as a recruiter, it is your responsibility to make the job more transparent for the applicants.

Instead of simply stating the title and the roles that come with the job, try to elaborate on the company’s needs. However, never give away too much information. Instead, give the applicants a chance to define the job role themselves. Allow them to be versatile in the workplace.

3. Remember to be Versatile

Not every applicant will be the same. Keep in mind that the hiring process shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all scenario. Aside from the standard tests implored by the company, try to be versatile in the interview stage.

By letting your guard down and getting to know the applicant by heart, you’ll become more accommodating and efficient at the process. Remember that every position up for grabs requires a different approach since there will also be various applicants, coming from different walks of life, who will do their best to land the job.

4. Maintain a Talent Database

For companies that do not conduct massive hiring events, it’s vital to make sure that you keep a talent database on which you can tap people for when an available position opens for them. Through various online channels, such as social media accounts or talent acquisition websites, make sure that people still see your company, making them interested in working for you.

Continue to engage with potential applicants by answering their queries even if the company is not actively hiring people at the moment. By doing this, you’re building a talent database which will be helpful for the time when the company is ready to expand and may need more people for support.

5. Consider Experience Over Anything

The best recruitment practice is to consider an applicant’s experience over anything else. People apply to companies because they believe they have the right skills and knowledge to back up their applications. Hiring someone because they come from a specific school or joined a prestigious organization while lacking experience is not always the right decision. 

Instead, let them know if there is a possibility they can proceed through the hiring process immediately after scanning their resumes.


After the tedious process of searching for applicants, the process should not stop there. As employees may still drop out right before signing the contract, it is vital to provide an excellent onboarding experience. Assure them of the guidance they may need as they navigate through the company’s practices and established systems. Make sure that they feel comfortable by keeping the process smooth and stress-free for them.

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