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Benefits of Working in Retail

By: Emily Dawson
Jan 28, 2021 • 6 min read

Benefits of Working in Retail 

Are you looking for a job right now? Consider working in the retail industry! This industry has many benefits for anyone who wants to strengthen their experience and boost their resume. Let’s explore the options available to you! 

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Flexible Schedule

If you want to have a schedule that is always changing, this is the industry for you. Your schedule will change weekly and sometimes daily. Since it is always changing, you will never fall into a dull mundane routine. Make sure you have strong connections with your co-workers if you are pursuing a job in retail. Relationships come in handy if you want to change shift with someone! If you have strong relationships with your manager and coworkers, you can have many options when it comes to designing your schedule. 

 Opportunity Without Experience

To work in retail, you do not typically need to have any extensive previous experience. This is often why you see teenagers working at places like American Eagle or Vans. These are both popular companies among teens and is a great place for them to work. Teens are not the only people who work in retail, however. Training is easy, and tasks are not hard to complete, making it a great fit for anyone! You will build a lot of experience in the industry and learn about how to be a professional. Starting in retail is a great way to kick start your career no matter what age you are.

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Enjoy Discounts From Working in Retail

If there is a store out there that you love, consider working there! As an employee at that company, you will likely get to enjoy discounts on your purchases. Not only will you be making money, but you’ll also be saving! Think about the amount of money you could save on coffee, clothing, or groceries, by working at your favorite company. Discounts are only one way that the company thanks you for all your hard work. This is a smart tactic for companies. If you have a discount, you are more likely to buy from the store, supplying them with more revenue. In a way, it’s a cycle of giving back.

People Skills

You’ve likely heard of horror stories working in retail from friends. Don’t let this discourage you from working in this industry! Yes, customer conflict may arise from time to time. However, you will gain great people skills as you resolve these issues. Retail puts you in a position of directly interacting with a customer. It is your job to serve the public and you will learn so much from working with your customers! You will learn how to communicate with people effectively and what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction.

working in retail benefits

Teamwork – One of The Biggest Benefits of Working in Retail

When you are working in retail, it is likely that you will have a large number of coworkers. You will be interacting with these people every shift, so you’ll have to learn to work together! Often times, you may be doing a task, and they will be a part of it. Employees in retail are always working towards the same goal. They maintain the store, take orders, and sell products. Teamwork is an integral skill to have. You will need to collaborate with others in many aspects of life – making this skill a great resume booster! 

Customer Service Experience

Customer service is an important part of working in this industry. By working in retail, you’ll learn what makes customers happy. You will also learn how to deal with difficult situations. Having good customer service is all about effective communication and patience. When working retail, it is important to know your company’s policies. Knowing the policies will help you appropriately address your customers. Every employer looks for good communicators who show empathy and know-how to listen. Working in retail will guarantee you walk away with these skills!

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Time Management

As a retail worker, you will sometimes only have a few hours to accomplish your tasks. Shifts are typically not too long! As a result, you will gain the skills of time management by working in this industry. You learn how to prioritize your tasks, how to problem solve, and control your focus. These are all skills that will help you with time management. You walk away from retail knowing how to tackle any project by any deadline. Whether you have a part-time or full-time job in retail, you will learn how to balance work life with personal life.


The skill of multi-tasking means that you know how to juggle many things at once. You can focus your attention on one thing and direct the same amount of attention to another. As a retail worker, you may be helping multiple customers at once or even fellow employees. You might be completing many orders at once and greeting customers at the same time. The retail industry’s environment forces its employees to be effective multi-taskers. You’re guaranteed to walk away with this skill! You might even find that working in a fast-paced environment is a fun way to make your shifts fly by. 

working in retail benefits

Commercial Awareness

When you work in retail, you realize that your company has sales goals. They must maintain a certain percentage of sales in order to stay in business. Sales are one of the top priorities for companies. This is why retail workers are integral to the company’s success! By working retail, you better understand how the industry functions, thus demonstrating commercial awareness. The higher your position in retail, the more you will know. You can also develop commercial awareness through researching the company on your own.

Decision-Making Skills

Decision-making ties into both people and time management skills. Every shift you work in retail, you are making decisions on how to manage your work. When you choose to deal with a customer’s needs before a task you need to complete, you are making a decision. Choosing the customer before yourself is a great customer service tactic. It beneficially serves the company! Every priority you have is a decision. How you approach your priorities will make you an incredible retail employee. 

Have you ever worked a retail job? What were some of the benefits of working in retail that you gained from this experience? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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